Have You Ever Met a Ladysitter?

New Series Beverly Hills Nannies Includes a Ladysitter

A new series Beverly Hills Nannies will be premiering on Wednesday July 11 at 9 pm ET. The show follows a “ladysitter,” Justin Sylvester. I first saw Justin  on the Housewives of Beverly Hills as he worked as a “ladysitter” for Kyle Richards. 

As I watched Housewives of Beverly Hills I actually thought Justin was Kyle’s personal assistant. But, when I looked closer at the captions on the television screen Justin calls himself a “ladysitter.” So, what exactly is a “ladysitter?”

Justin describes his job on his Twitter (@theladysitter) as: “An assistant with attitude! Someone who is just as fabulous, fun and sophisticated as the person he works for!”

But if he really is helping plan parties, cook dinners, bring in the groceries, and assisting with child care isn’t he really just a personal assistant or nanny?

The Urban Dictionary defines ladysitter as a slang word meaning being a babysitter, only for your friend’s girlfriend. Huh? After seeing that definition of ladysitter I’m even more confused.

Have you ever met a ladysitter?


  1. People don't know what to invent these days. Ladysitter. Either you are an assistant or a nanny. You do one thing good or two half way. The worst part is that in the asssitant side you deal with errands and intangibles, but the nanny side takes up a whole life, a brand new child! parents who ask their assistant to deal with their son are basically saying "and this is another errand you have to be taking care of"

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