Do You Visit Facebook During Your Work Day?

Can You Stay Off Facebook for An Entire Work Day?

Many parents ask their nannies not to use Facebook when working and others are not allowed to use their cell phone when working, except for emergencies. That’s because while on Facebook or texting you are not involved with the children in your care.

I have joined Facebook and chat with nannies in Facebook groups for nannies. It is an easy way to communicate and gain support from a large number of nannies that I might not otherwise know.

My biggest concern though is the number of nannies who comment continuously during the work day. Facebook comments can now appear on mobile phones making it easy to quickly comment. But, some nannies don’t even go one hour without commenting during the work day! In fact, I think some seem to comment all day long, even while working.

Although relationships on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can be educational and entertaining, they are usually shallow.

This week try an experiment. See if you can develop relationships outside of the Internet and Facebook and see if you can spend that time bonding with the children you care for or other nannies and parents in town. Nurture your personal relationships face-to-face rather than online.

Can you put down the smart phone and not look at it (or the computer screen) for one entire work day, two-days, or even a week? Can you do it?

The blue screen and keyboard may improve surfing skills, but not social skills. You cannot provide quality childcare when texting friends or commenting on Facebook.
Enthusiasm for social media sites is not bad in itself, but connectivity should not be mistaken for real friendship or allow you to neglect your responsibilities.
Can you avoid going on Facebook today?


  1. I was wondering about what you wrote and I think, that during my work with children I do not usually use Facebook. Maybe sometimes, when my baby boy is sleeping I can have a quick look on my FB or email, but that's all. We have to remember, that some people are addicted and they have to check they have to check theirs accounts every second not only when they are taking care of kids but also when they driving etc. which can be much more dangerous.

  2. This topic has come up in the nanny groups before. Not everyone works the same schedule, same time zone or have kids naps/ school schedules/ etc the same. Most of the people in the group don't know when I am at work, when the kids are gone (after school activities and my "chores" are done), or even what time zone I am in. My family has told me repeatedly to turn on the tv while folding laundry if I want, read a book while the kids are playing if I want, etc….if I choose to get on FB for a minute or so that is b/w me and my employers. I don't think someone should be judged until all the facts are known. Sorry….but this just hit the wrong nerve!

  3. Honestly anonymous nannies (any employees) shouldn't do anything when parents aren't around they woudln't do with them home. So, if you are a live in and parents know you'll be on facebook and emails to catch up with family during nap time that's fine. But I think too many nannies take advantage of their bosses. It's important to limit yourself to maybe 10 min max during working hours or only during lunch break. Seriously you can't attend to kids when texting and on Facebook.

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