Why Should You Pay More for Organic Whole Foods?

You Are What You Eat
By Jacqueline Astete

How much did you spend on clothes this year? What about handbags, jewelry, shoes, and cosmetics? If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars on clothing, shoes, and cosmetics that make you feel good on the outside, why not spend a few extra dollars to nourish yourself with the organic whole foods that will make you feel incredible on the inside?

Undoubtedly, you have already heard that you are what you eat. Conventional produce is often sprayed with pesticides made from chemicals. Many of these chemicals are carcinogens. You can check out how the EPA rates the dangers of the carcinogens found in pesticides.

Why would you eat foods that have been sprayed with chemicals that may cause cancer?

Working as a nanny or an au pair you know firsthand how food affects a child’s mind and body. If a child eats processed sugar they get a “sugar high” for a short period of time, then they crash and get cranky and tired, just craving more processed sugar. In comparison, if you serve the child in your care organic fruits and vegetables, they will gain energy that lasts longer than processed sugar because it gets dispersed through their bodies evenly, and therefore nourishes their body in a healthier way.

As a nanny, imagine what a difference in the children’s behavior could be like if you replace processed sugar with organic fruits and vegetables? I challenge you to replace your charge’s meals for one work week, that’s just five-days. Try to keep a record of how the kids feel and behave. By the end of that week, you and the children will feel like a million bucks! By no means am I a doctor, so please speak to your physician before changing anything about your diet.

One of the easiest and most tangible ways to help your mind and body cope a little better with stress is by eating whole organic foods, fruits and vegetables. Here’s a link for a list of whole foods.  So, don’t let clever food industry marketers fool you. Don’t eat a tomato sprayed in Windex. Nourish yourself with organic whole foods whenever possible.

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