Kaboost Chair Booster

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When the two-year-old and I visit her friends’ houses and her grandparents’ house they don’t have a second high chair for her to use when eating. That’s why I think the Kaboost Portable Chair Boosteris such an incredible product for nannies, au pairs, and the kids in their care. This portable chair booster fits under almost any dining chair to raise it up so kids don’t have to sit on their knees or a telephone book to be at the right height for dinner.

Rather than boosting the child from the top of the chair, Kaboost fits underneath dining chairs to raise the overall height of the chair, so kids can sit in the chair just like an adult and be a part of the family table. This product is best suited to older toddlers and young school age kids, as it does not have any straps to hold the child in the chair.

Using an adjustable spring system, Kaboost snaps-on to chairs in mere seconds. The spring-loaded arms firmly grip chair legs into place, and Kaboost stays attached even when the chair is moved or repositioned.

Kaboost offers two height positions, which are changed simply by turning the booster portion over. The arms of the Kaboost stretch out and are spring loaded so that they snap back against the chair legs and stay put once you fit it to the chair. The part of the booster that the chair legs sit in is rubbery, so your dining chairs won’t be scratched or dented by using Kaboost. The bottom of the Kaboost is also rubbery, so it won’t slide around when your child climbs up, and it won’t scratch floors. When the Kaboost is on the chair, you can move the chair around, and the Kaboost will stay on the chair thanks to the spring-loaded arms.

The Kaboost also widens the base of the dining chair, which adds to the stability of the chair and makes it less likely to tip over when a child climbs up. Kaboost folds up fairly small for travel or for storage. Some other great features include: it fits most dining chairs, it stays on chair even if you move the chair around, it holds up to 300 lbs.so it won’t break if an adult accidentally sits on the boosted chair.

I highly recommend the Kaboost Chair Booster for toddlers that no longer need a seat belt to sit in a chair and elementary school-aged children that need a boost to reach the dinner table.

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