Baby Einstein Sweet Sea Dreams Mobile

Products Nannies Love

By Maria J., Newark, NJ

What I like most about this mobile are the three soothing sounds to choose from: melodies, ocean sounds, and white noise. I like the ocean sound best because it soothes the baby very well. I also love that the sound you choose to play lasts about 25-minutes. With my first child all mobiles we tried never lasted more than about 10-minutes. Our baby loves the gentle light and the primary colors.

The 2-in-1 mobile base has a mirror for self discovery and detaches to become a soother. The remote control is active up to 15-feet so you won’t disturb baby’s sleep and the battery indicator light will light up when the battery is low.

Although the manufacturer says it has an Universal Crib Attachment I will admit it was a little tricky getting it to stay on the crib. But, my husband got it to work eafter a few tries. Overall, I really am pleased with the Baby Einstein Sweet Sea Dreams Mobile and would recommend it for nannies, au pairs, and parents.


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