Have You Seen The Lorax in 3D Yet?

For Product Review Sunday we are recommending a great movie in theatres now, rather than a product that can be currently purchased on Amazon or on store shelves. I highly recommend The Lorax. After more than 40-years after Dr. Seuss published The Lorax (Classic Seuss) the story is very relevant today.

The Lorax the movie is a 3D adaptation of the classic tale by Dr. Seuss of a forest guardian. The animated adventure follows the journey of a 12-year-old as he searches for a real tree, in a world without trees. To get a real Truffula Tree he must find the story of the Lorax who speaks for the trees and protects the forest.

The story blames big business and greed for destruction of our environment. The film has colorful animation, great music, and pulls at your heart-strings. The characters are played by Taylor Swift, Zac Efron, Betty White, Danny DeVito, Jenny Slate, and Ed Helms. Dr. Seuss’ message of “unless” we do something to change our circumstances now is as important today as it was more than 40-years ago.


  1. Yes the movie is great. I think all kids of any age will love it since there is a little romance in it too. The 3D glases are so cool too!

  2. It is a great book and super movie!

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