What are Your Favorite Classes to Take with Babies and Toddlers?

Spending long work days with children in the house can get frustrating and boring for any nanny and child. That’s why I love taking infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to mommy and me classes, especially in the winter. Mommy and child classes are a perfect introduction to acitivities for kids that are not quite ready to separate. Not only do the child and I love learning something new, the child meets new friends, learns to follow rules, and I get to meet other nannies and parents.

Consider the child’s interests, and yours, when signing up for classes. Take classes that offer options you might not have in your employers’ home. For example, I love messy art classes so I don’t have to make messes at home, gym classes with equipment my employer’s don’t have in their home, and music classes since I’m not a musician.

When choosing mommy and child classes consider the following:

1. Consider the child’s napping and eating schedule when chosing class. I took a toddler to a gym class she loved one semester and then cried every class another semester because one class was scheduled too close to her nap time.

2. Small class size. Too many kids and too much noise can be overwhelming for children.

3. Give the child a snack before class to prevent fussiness.

4. Dress the child in something comfortable.

5. Meet and schedule playdates with other nannies and parents.

6. Have fun! Children respond to enthusiasm. If you have fun the child will model your proper behavior.

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