Nannies Love the Purseket Purse Organizer

Product Review Sunday

I like to carry my wallet, cell phone, and keys with me to my nanny job. Then, wherever I take the kids out during the work day I throw my personal belongings in my employer’s diaper bag. I don’t know if you are like me, but too often I forget to pull out my wallet, cell phone, or keys from the diaper bag.

That’s until I found the Purseket. This purse organizer allows you to transfer the goods from handbag to diaper bag in one fell swoop, and the multiple pockets make it easy to locate what you’re looking for. Big plus: The Purseket
comes in a range of mod prints as well as four sizes, making it an easy upgrade for any bag. I highly recommend the Purseket Purse Organizer Medium
for any nanny or au pair that has to transfer their personal items to the diaper bag and back, like me.

Purchase your own Purseketby clicking the links above or below:

Purseket Medium Purse Organizer – Garden Circles – 018-M

Purseket Medium Purseket – Black/White Check

Purseket Purse Organizer Medium


  1. I always wanted to try this. Glad to see you like it I will def be buying the small one today!

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