Sophos Uncovers Fresh Nanny and Au Pair Job Scam

Security researchers at Sophos have detected one spam outbreak, which offers a salaried work for au pairs or nannies where the salary stated is absolutely unimaginable.

Essentially, probable victims through the spam mail are presented one simple work of minding two kids. Craftily written, this email is tempting enough for anybody to abandon their existing job. The job offers a high salary, also provides a separate room containing a laptop, TV, as well as other essential electronic devices.

The email informs the reader that the job isn’t very difficult. And while the recruiter doesn’t think it necessary for monitoring or supervising anyone for performing her job, he expects the person will be capable of doing fine without any instructions.

The anticipated web-link or attachment that could be malicious.

Senior Technology Consultant Graham Cluley with Sophos elaborates that answering the email could facilitate the scammers to enquire any amount of private details from the user. While that could prove sufficiently harmful, yet circumstances may become still trickier with au pair/nanny spam campaigns.

In addition Cluley says that the probable recruiter may dispatch payment in advance to the employee telling her about depositing it into her bank account. But, prior to the check’s clearance, she may get another email from the fraudster telling that an awful misfortune (like some steamroller on the runaway killing his wife and kids) has taken place and so doesn’t any longer need her service.

The scammer, pretending to be terribly grief-stricken, may request the victim to return the greater part of the cash, possibly through Western Union and help solve the tragic situation he was in.

Nevertheless, the victim, assuming that she has got the check, which will get credited to her account, may even proceed to wire the requested money, ultimately losing on both ends.

Distance yourself from job emails, which appear unbelievably true.

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