Do You Have the Day Off as a Paid Holiday?

There are 11 federal holidays in the United States. Christmas Day is one of those days.

Government offices, organizations, businesses, and schools are closed, almost without exception. Many people visit relatives or friends and are out of town. Public transit systems do not run on their regular schedules. In general, public life closes down completely.

Since Christmas Day was on a Sunday this year the holiday is observed today — the Monday following the holiday. Do you have the day off from work. If so, are you paid for the holiday?


  1. Yes I have it off and it is a paid holiday. I get 9 paid holidays and all paid vacation days too.

  2. Yes i have today off as a paid day but the parents have off all week and I wish they would have given me the entire week off. I don't get it when parents are home why they need a nanny to come to work.

  3. Deborah Thomas:Yes, I have today off as a paid holiday!Stephanie Felzenberg:I have the day off and am paid. Work the rest of the week though.Meg Feimer:My family is traveling for the holidays so I have the week off. Sarah Fekete Klink:I only have holidays paid if they fall on a regular work day for me. However, my work family is out of town until Friday so I have most of this week as additional paid time off.Laura Lowell:No paid holidays…they're working today so I am too.Suzanne Boisseau:Family is traveling for the holidays so I have the week off :)Samantha Leclaire:Usually off with pay all week but since MB used vacay in summer for her maternity leave i only have today off(with pay) an am working rest of the weekDenise Blackford:I took a vacation dayJessica Lacey: Yes! :-)Shelby Codde:I've got 2 weeks off paid. Plus extra pay for taking care of their dogs while they are out of town.De-Shaun Silas:Yep I get all holidays paid and anytime they don't need me unless I choose to take it as part of my 2 weeks paid vacation or a personal day, both my families are on vacation this week it's just extra PTO 4 me :-)Deborah Lucas:Yes and I get next Monday paid.

  4. I had the day off and next monday off paid but I have to work this week when I would have preferred to go home to see my family. The parents have off this week. It would have been a week I could have flown home.

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