Top 3 Nanny News Stories of 2011

What Big Stories About Nannies Did We Miss? posted the top 10 Biggest Nanny News Stories of 2011. We rearranged the concept a little and added the new America’s Supernanny television show. Here’s our three top nanny stories of 2011.

1. The Babysitter Bill: 
The California state assembly introduced a bill, A.B. 889, AKA “The Babysitter Bill” which included provisions regarding such issues as overtime pay, rest breaks, and the right for household employees (nannies, housekeepers, and babysitters) to sue employers for failure to meet the provisions. Though not officially dead, backlash from its introduction led to its suspension before it made it to the governor’s office.

2. A Daycare Owner Becomes America’s Supernanny:
Many nannies applied to become host of Lifetime’s new show American Supernanny. Instead of choosing an experienced nanny, a daycare owner hosts the show. Angry over the choice of hostess of the show, a nannies has started a petition on to take the show off the air.

3. Nanny Takes It To The Bank:
Next time you check your Bank of America debit card statement, say a little thank you for part-time nanny Molly Katchpole. Thanks to her efforts in getting more than 300,000 signatures on a petition at, the financial Goliath rescinded their plan to assess debit card users with a $5 monthly fee.


  1. Who cares if the supernanny is a daycare owner?! It's a tv show.

  2. The bill is an important issue that can only help nannies! Its the only important news item for nannies. The american supernanny issue is a non issue. Its embarassing that nannies waste their time on the tv show topic.

  3. Yes the American Super Nanny is a tv show- and she is a daycare owner- so why should we waste our time and engergy on the issue?Because it's how much of the public will see the nanny profession. The media has done such a horrible job of portraying an AMERICAN nanny! that is why nannies in America are not seen as professionals- IMO- because the media clouds what a REAL nanny does! IF we as "real nannies" don't protest this- who will? There is a petition to get the show off the air- and I fully support it.

  4. I think the bill is the biggest issue but even most nannies could care less.

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