What is Your Favorite Halloween Movie?

Not-Too-Scary Halloween Movies for Kids

Little kids are scared of the dark, haunted houses, and scary movies on Halloween. But, you can view fun Halloween movies with little kids too. Some great classic Halloween movies for little kids include: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Barney’s Halloween Party, and Arthur’s Scary Stories. We’ve included a few less known films as well.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Peanuts classic movies appeals to all ages. It promotes many favorite American Halloween traditions like trick-or-treating and apple bobbing, not to mention the infamous Great Pumpkin (who must have missed Linus’ pumpkin patch somehow). When Snoopy dresses up as a WWI flying ace, he hams it up during a pretend battle atop his dog house — complete with flying bullets. Some of the Halloween imagery (ghosts, skeletons) may alarm the very youngest viewers. The positive message is sticking to your beliefs no matter what others may think.

A Very Brave Witch and More Great Halloween Stories for Kids
“A Very Brave Witch” teaches that assumptions and stereotypes are often wrong when a little witch ventures out to meet some “scary” humans. “Georgie” explores the feeling of being unwanted. “The Three Robbers” subtly explores repentance when the bad guys become good and rescue orphans. The spooky music and exaggerated voices are the only potentially frightening elements of this Halloween-themed collection of short films. Witches, ghosts, and robbers all make appearances, and while their presence might raise tensions for the youngest children, nothing truly scary happens.

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie
This DVD incorporates a previously aired TV cartoon, Winnie the Pooh: Boo to You Too (1996), into its story. Although the DVD has a Halloween theme, the scares are relatively mild — a few of the worst frights include bats, crows, and a wheelbarrow full of jack-o’-lanterns that seem to come alive. The positive messages include o learning to compromise. Parents will love that the characters, at one point, use veggies and fruits for trick-or-treat goodies instead of candy!

Shaun the Sheep™: Little Sheep of Horror
Tip toe along with Shaun the Sheep™ and his fellow flock as they creep, sneak and behave like sheep in a collection of kooky and spooky episodes when the all-new Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors. Shaun leads his fearless flock through six adventures that mix the spooky, the kooky, and the just plain funny. A troublesome tractor, freaky farm noises, and sleepwalking sheep are only a few of the weird and wonderful surprises waiting for Shaun and his barnyard pals as they creep, sneak and make mayhem in this laugh-filled collection.

Little Sheep of Horrors” – Intrigued by a horror film on TV, Timmy wanders into the Farmer’s House, and Shaun’s rescue mission wreaks panic.
Abracadabra” – When the Farmer decides to throw out his magic set, Shaun decides to put on a show – but things get out of hand when the flock start disappearing!
Things That Go Bump” – On a dark and stormy night the flock cannot sleep – Shaun discovers the culprits.
Heavy Metal Shaun” – The farmer inspects the lawn with a metal detector. When Shaun and Bitzer try it, they discover a metallic threat behind a hedge.
Troublesome Tractor” – The tractor seems to be ready for the scrap heap and the farmer wishes he could afford to buy a new one. So the sheep overhaul it.
Sheepwalking” – It is a peaceful night at the farm, until Shaun starts to walk in his sleep. The Flock cannot resist their natural instinct to follow, and chaos soon ensues.

Halloween Spooktacular / Trick or Treat Tales (Double Feature)
Here are some not-so-spooky tales of adventure, learning and friendship with your favorite preschool pals Thomas & Friends™, Barney™, Bob the Builder™, Angelina Ballerina™, Fifi and the Flowertots™ and Fireman Sam™. The thrills start with Thomas & Friends™ in a ghostly adventure. Bob The Builder™ and Spud put on scary faces to protect a giant pumpkin pie from hungry crows. Barney™ and Fifi learn that there’s more to a costume than just dressing up. Angelina Ballerina™ sneaks into a costume ball and Fireman Sam™ saves a furry friend from a chilling experience. Enjoy the season’s sweetest collection of · Trick or Treat Tales!
· Thomas & Friends – “Flour Power!”
· Barney & Friends™ – “Guess Who?”
· Bob the Builder – “Trix’s Pumpkin Pie”
· Fifi and the Flowertots – “Pirate Primrose”
· Angelina Ballerina – “The Costume Ball”

Spooky Buddies
The Buddies series is intended as a humorous Halloween scare fest for kids. Though lighthearted and far-fetched overall, there are still many scenes that might be too frightening for the youngest audiences. This is a spooky story with lots of dark, ominous music and special effects, as well as two villains who are sinister evil-doers bent on power and mischief. The beloved “buddies” and their child companions are in exaggerated danger throughout. They’re chased, threatened, captured, turned to stone, and, in some cases, they vanish. There are also pratfalls, visits to a graveyard, a haunted house, black cats, rats, zombies, flying villains, explosions, and fires. The positive message is the dogs and their human companions are all about fighting against bad deeds using teamwork. There are also some lessons about following your conscience and not listening to those who don’t respect you.

The Addams Family and Addams Family Values (Double Feature)
The Addmas Family movies are movies that teens will love. These films are best for teens about 13 and older because there is a little violence and sexual innuendo. But, it does have a positive message. Despite their strange clothes and quirky behavior the Addams family still love each other and that isn’t diminished by all the weirdness. It also shows the importance of being true to yourself and never conforming to fit in with others.

Stop by next Sunday for more Products Nannies Love. What are your favorite Halloween Movies?


  1. I am usually a wimp. But I tried watching scary movies yesterday. They are really awful. No point in watching movies w/ the baby I nanny for! He's under a year old! I will reference this list as he gets older! LOL

  2. Not really into Halloween- more into Fall. But the children I sit for were older- tweens- and like the Movie Hokus Pokus- a bit scary so not for kids under 10.

  3. Peanuts are the best! As an adult I like the rocky horror picture show + vampire series!

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