Review of Shopping Cart Covers

Are You a Germ-A-Phobe?

If you are the typical nanny, au pair, or parent you likely have considered using shopping cart covers to protect the kids in your care from germs on shopping carts. Despite the fact that shopping carts harbor germs, once you use a shopping cart cover you must launder the cover after each and every use.

According to Consumer Reports, many germs, including those that cause MRSA (an antibiotic-resistant infection) can “survive very well on fabric.” That’s why they recommend washing shopping cart covers in hot water with a bleach-based disinfectant, and drying them completely every time they’re used.

If you don’t think you can commit to washing the cover after each use, skip this purchase and use sanitizing wipes to wipe the shopping cart handle and seat before placing a child inside.

Even after wiping, discourage the baby from gnawing on the handle by bringing along a favorite teething toy. Wiping the cart is a good practice even for older children, who may want to ride in the small plastic cars or seats that some stores attach to their carts. Before you let them grab that plastic steering wheel, wipe it down. Everyone should wash up after a trip to the store.

But, an advantage of shopping cart covers is they keep a child safely seated. The safest models feature two straps, one to secure the child to the cart and the other to secure the cover to the cart.

Balboa Baby
Lisa, a nanny from Orange County, CA raves, “This product has made grocery shopping so much simpler! This is one of my favorite baby products. It is extremely easy to slip on and off a shopping cart or high chair with one hand. It doesn’t require use of the dirty buckles attached to the cart or high chair. Plus, it folds up into this cute clutch that makes it easy to carry along.”

Bright Starts
Jessica of Greenwich, CT explains, “I really like that this shopping cart cover is fitted, there are loops for attaching toys, and there are pockets in the back are nice for cell phone, grocery list, and snacks. It fits easily but the only problem it’s a little bulky to store. I tried to follow the instructions on how to fold and store it but it is not very helpful.”

Buggy Bagg
Maria Lopez, a nanny in Miami, FL says, “I am pleased with this product. I love the handles on the bag making it easy to carry. I can use it in just about any public high chair and almost any shopping cart. I would buy it again and recommend it to anyone I know having a baby as a “Must need item” for when their baby reaches the age where you would not carry them into the store with their car seat anymore and they can sit up with some assistance.”

Laurie, a nanny in Houston, TX says, “It has fit every shopping cart I have tried it on even big Costco warehouse store carts. It is easy to put on the take off, it’s soft, and it’s super cute! It also has pockets that are great for holding snacks, cups, and coupons in the store. It also has hooks so you can attach toys if you use those plastic rings.”

Itzy Ritzy
Imani, a nanny in New York, NY likes this product. She explains, “I would recommend the Itzy Ritzy shopping cart cover. I love that this shopping cart cover is 100% reversible and machine washable. It covers both shopping carts and high chairs. It has two toy loops and pockets that keeps toys from dropping to the ground.”

A mother from West Chester, PA explains, “We have used this at many different stores and it fits most carts well. But, some carts have deeper seats than others and this will affect the overall fit. However, the baby is still protected and we haven’t seen this as a real issue. I can easily attach to the cart while holding the baby, the pillows provide a lot of protection and are nice if the baby falls asleep. The cover has its own strap so no worries about baby chewing on a nasty store strap. The product also folds nicely and washes well.”



  1. I tried using them and they just aren't worth it, to me. They are bulky and washing them after each use is annoying. I tried a few times, but sice the baby is now a toddler there's no point. I don't mind other people use them. I just prefer using wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

  2. I prefer not using them and using wet wipes too.

  3. I have used shopping cart and high chair covers before and it was great. I don't remember what brand it was but I liked using it!

  4. I kind of think this kind of thing really isn’t necessary. It’s another product that the baby gear industry wants us to believe we can’t live without. I am all for cleaning hands and wiping things down with an antibacterial wipe, and that’s as far as I plan to go.

  5. i appreciate other nannies opinions that they like shopping cart covers but i think the covers are pointless. not like our parents had them for us.

  6. WE have the Lecho- and it is bulky-since there are the big pillow sides. But I just keep it in a re-usable grocery shopping bag- along with the other bags I use when I go shopping. To be honest, I don't wash it after every use…I wash it maybe 2 times a month.Sometimes I don't even bother to use it- if I know it's a quick trip and the store has better carts with wipes to use-and the straps are intack.However, some stores have horrible old carts and the straps never work- so having the cart cover comes in handy.Sometimes I just use a blanket to cover the seat.I am more lax about the cover in the summer…but when flu season comes around I use the cover more.

  7. When I saw other mothers using these I begged the new mother I worked for to get one. But when I learned they had to be washed after every use I find it easier to just use hand sanitizer.

  8. I love these shopping cart covers!

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