Arts N’ Crafts for Apple Season

Apple Crafts to do With Kids

Now that it is apple season, Chris from Kids Crafts Magazine has posted some fun crafts you can do with kids using apples.

Apple Stamping
Cut an apple in half. Dip the cut side of the apple into paint and dab it on a paper towel to wipe off the excess paint if necessary, and then stamp it onto paper. You can experiment cutting the apple different ways for different ways, especially through the middle to make a star print. When the paper dries, you can use markers to outline the apples as a variation to the project. You can also use larger sheets of paper and use it for wrapping paper when the paint dries.

Here’s a little stamping tip: Fold a paper towel into quarters and lay it down in the middle of a styrofoam plate. Pour paint into the center of the paper towel. When the paper towel soaks up the paint it will act like a stamp pad. It wastes a little paint, but it’s also a little less messy.

Fingerprint Apple Trees
Use brown paint or a brown marker to make a tree trunk long-ways on a piece of paper. Dip your index finger in green paint and stamp it several times at the top of the trunk to make the tree. You’ll have to re-dip your finger several times. Dip your pinkie in red paint and stamp it on your tree to make the apples.

Hand Print Apples
Paint the palm of the child’s hand with red tempura paint and stamp it on construction paper. Wipe hands and paint the index finger with brown paint. Stamp the finger to make the apple stem. Wipe hands again and paint the tips of two fingers with green paint. Stamp the green paint on the base of the stem to make the leaf. Let everything dry. Once the paint is dry, you can draw a face on the apple, glue on wiggle eyes, or leave it just the way it is.

Apple Collage
Tear up a bunch of pieces of red paper and glue them onto the back side of a paper plate. Glue on a stem and a couple of leaves to complete the project. This is a great way to use up all those scraps.

More Challenging Apple Crafts:

Apple Beaded Safety Pin If the kids are into making beaded safety pin jewelry, then this is a really simple design for making an apple.

Dried Apple Crafts – This page gives you complete instructions for how to properly dry apples, then it outlines some really fun and pretty apple crafts that you can make with the dried apples. This is something my oldest and I plan to try this fall.

Apple Head Dolls These are much easier to make than you might think. This would be a great project if you can stretch it out a couple of sessions over a few of days.

Terra Cotta Apple This project would definitely be for kids who are a bit older, but it’s very cute. Basically, you paint a terra cotta pot and saucer red, put the saucer on top of the pot to make an ‘apple,’ and then add some leaves.

Apple Magnet This is a creative recycling craft for making an apple shaped magnet complete with a worm! I’d stay away from the finger polish idea, however, and just use the felt or fun foam. With a little supervision, you could also do this one with younger kids


  1. I've never done the apple crafts- but have enjoyed apple picking with my charges. And have gone every year on my own- and have enjoyed making apple crips and apple sauce for the kids/families and my self.One charge just started K- and wanted to start having playdates- and I asked her who she wanted to invite first.She said- I don't know- Can I invite everyone? I thought how I could do this- and made up a flyer and handed it out to everyone in her class- inviting everyone to come apple picking with us.It was a great way to meet everyone at once and start great friendships.~Andrea- Nanny- Northern, NJ

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