Do You Charge More When Working on a National Holiday Like Labor Day?

A nanny can charge more when her services are likely to be in higher demand, such as on holidays. We recommend you charge more than your usual rate if you plan to work this Monday, September 5, 2011 which is Labor Day.

Do you charge more if you have to work on Labor Day?


  1. I never had to work on Labor Day so never charged more. LOL

  2. I have never been asked to work it. However, if I were, yes I would charge more. Just as I would any other holiday when generally everyone has off.

  3. Jo: I wishKari: with my current employers, no. I get soo muh paid time off that if I was asked to work a holiday, I would accept my normal pay. There are some things I just don't mess with that has the possibility of ruining other better things:)Kari: If I had employers or worked witha family that nickel and dimed all my time and made me come in to work extra to make up time off, etc.. Yeah I would probably charge them a holiday rateSarah: Never got holiday pay, current family never needs me on the holidays and gives them paid off. woohoo! When I write my next contract, I will stipulate holiday pay.Emelie: I never work holidays!Debra: I work for er doctors. I haven't actually had to work a holiday yet, but if I work a holiday or part of a holiday weekend I get paid twice my normal rate

  4. I get my normal salary PLUS over time for that day. I never have a problem working holidays, they make it worth working.

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