Nannies, Are You Also the Family’s Housekeeper?

CA Bill for Housekeepers

Below is just a small portion of an article from the Los Angeles Times about a bill requiring fitted sheets to protect housekeepers. Since many nannies also work as housekeepers it may be of interest to nannies. Similar to the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights some feel it’s a frivolous bill, while those who work in the industry that have sustained back injuries feel it is an important piece of legislation.

Business owners and others who have long complained that companies are overburdened by state regulations say a proposal now moving through the Legislature shows that lawmakers have lost all touch with reality: It would require that hotels use fitted sheets.

The bill is intended to address back injuries sustained by hotel housekeepers. But it has revived a long-simmering debate over whether California has become a hyper-regulated “nanny state.”

“Housekeepers have the highest rate of lower-back injuries in the hotel industry, and these workers deserve much better,” the senator said.

More than 7,400 housekeepers working in California hotels have filed workers’ compensation claims for injuries they say they suffered last year, including 883 who said they hurt their backs, according to the state Industrial Relations Department.

Click here  to see entire Los Angeles Times article, “Bill would require fitted sheets at hotels to protect housekeepers.”


  1. Myabe it's ironic but I support the Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights but no this Bill about fitted sheets. Honestly can't you just tell your boss you are having back pain and can we purchase some fitted sheets? Are parents, hotel owners, hospitals really that careless??

  2. What I want to know is are there any black, Latino, Mexican domestics that don't support the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights? It seems like only white American nannies, agencies, parents oppose it while minorities support it. Is that a pretty fair to say or too generalized? Michelle (above) do you not support the bill about fitted bed sheets because you simply don't make dozens of beds per day? See what I'm saying?

  3. I do not support this bill because of unrealistic expectations asked for in it. Like a 30 minute lunch break and two 10 minute breaks in the day for an 8 hour shift for a nanny???? Who exactly is supposed to cover your time with the kids, a pet dog named Nana?Once upon a time other nationalities in this country fought for workers rights, mostly European. So didn't give this BS about minorities, it's about practicalities.Learn American Civics and what laws are on your side to protect you in the work place.

  4. Imani,I find your comments offensive. Some of us nannies have standards in our jobs that far exceed these rights, and you all want us to take steps backwards. I paid my dues in this profession in many ways. I paid attention to what labor laws there are in our nation, and have been my own champion in negotating my work agreements. No one did it for me. No body gave me any easy pass.No, why didn't these worker rights organizations listen to what the agencies and us are saying, and have been saying all along. I found it ironic on these very boards that some people who harped the loudest about the NY Bill turned around and spoke of not wanting to pay taxes in this country.Good Lord, seriously, you want the rights of the nations. Then accept responsibilities too. Otherwise you are just making the case for those who want to reign in immigration and minimize discrimination of minorities.

  5. Hey, I'm throwing it out there, what I'm thinking, didn't mean to offend. But since the blog said she doesn't censor I'm throwing out a concept my friends and I are noticing is all. Don't mean to generalize for everyone, just what I've been noticing.

  6. Your post implied discrimination, loud and clear. Or maybe it's because I have also seen others post in that regard to that I am just sick of it all and am drawing a line in the sand of what I and others are being accused of.You are choosing to not notice a bigger picture here. I have bills to pay too, I need to keep a roof over my head and put gas in my car. Gee I'd like to have the American Dream too. But these rights organizations are really setting things backwards for some of us. We have to lower our salary ranges to stay competitive in this economy. We have to battle employers to be paid legally when someone else will come along and pay under the table.Notice laws in the United States, notice what this bill is asking for that will hurt the industry. What does this mean that parents will just hire two part timers because some of these expectations like the meal breaks are going to far?Have you noticed the cons of this bill from families viewpoint, and realize gee that is crazy that we want this?Fine people come here because they want a better life, but that doesn't give them the right to make it harder for those already here. Whose families worked for labor rights and unions to begin with, and in my case yes still are.

  7. I think it is more due to class or financial earnings than color. But let us make it loud and clear that people of color often make less. The nannies that own computers and can even read these debates are more likely white. That's reality.

  8. I think this blog and the newsletter is probably mostly white American citizens. Sounds about right Imani's theory.

  9. I just think Imani probably should have been anonymous because it's probably politically incorrect but sadly I think it is true. Most of the nannies I know are immigrant women of color and don't use computers, don't own computers, and would support this bill. It is a classist issue or socioeconomic issue that most white nanny agency owners have no concept of the bad working conditions most nannies have. Sad, politically incorrect but true.

  10. To presume that white agency owners have no concept is mistaken. Give them some credit. Just last weekend I read of one even having a bilingual agent on staff even because where she lives parents want to hire nannies from other cultures. Who have second languages to share with children, etc. The agency owners will not discriminate if a nanny can back up her education, her reference, her proof of eligibility to even work in the country, then have some demonstration of ability to read and write English. Welcome to the 21st century people. Computers are not going to go away, and free courses on to use them are offered all the time. And for my last three jobs, I used ones at public libraries to find my positions. SO dont' give me this song and dance about not having computers at home. Where I had to use a library last summer was a 4 mile walk away as it wasn't on a bus line. (that was one way). I did it in this heat too. The economy in this counry is not going to get better anytime soon. The world economy is starting to crumble. This is where people must rise up and do what it takes, not continue to bring things downward.

  11. The "bigger picture" is that you start at the bottom and fix things as you work up. The big picture is that domestic workers in general are paid lousy and treated lousy. When on nanny is paid lousy it allows others to also.

  12. IMO it's easier to use sheets without elastic. I prefer using all flat sheets. For me it's easier to make a bed that way.

  13. I am an African American, not a racist, just posing what appears to some to be the obvious. Obviously it's a generalized concept but others are noticing the same thing. I'm one of the only nannies in my area of color that actually has a home computer. I'm one of the only nannies working in my area that has ever heard of Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights, INA, use nanny agencies is what I'm personally seeing.Workers of Color Dominate Domestic Services but Lack Union Rights

  14. Some of us did already start at the bottom and worked our way, where do you got off thinking things were handed to us??? The nanny associations and agents have worked very hard all along to get us better work conditions, EVEN BETTER THAN SOME YOUR SO CALLED WORKER RIGHTS BILLS, instead you people come on here and want to villify us??? Really??? You want to imply that we are racist and discriminatory, just because we refuse to GO BACK DOWN to your beginnings??? Where is the logic in that exactly??? Why I should go back to where I was when I started in this profession more than 25 years ago before nanny agencies and policies were common??? I jumped through hoops to make me look less like a domestic worker and more like a professional caregiver. I educated myself, I polished my resume and cover letter. I refused bad offers from employers. I placed value in myself. I learned what the laws are and reminded employers of them even if it meant I didn't get the job. I didn't cave.

  15. Nope Lisa you really are taking this way, way wrong. I'm not mad at you or anyone else. No villifying, no hatred, in fact no racism. I'm bringing up the topic in different communities and the response is different in different communities. This one online is different then the one I have while working with other nannies on the streets of Manhattan is all. Just seems like a completely different discussion from one community to the next. It's fact, not anger, not racism. Just very different is all. Maybe others are correct it's just basically polarized down political party lines. I think culture and job reality has something to do with it too is all. The immigrant women of color I know aren't on blogs discussing this and are in support of the bill. While on most blogs it seems they oppose it. That's my reality being in two different communities. Not attacking you.

  16. Nope this bill about fitted sheets seems very unneeded to me.

  17. This is not about political party alignment. I realize in today's thread I might come across as a hardline conservative. The reality is if you google name and DC nanny you will see that I am on all things very liberal websites protesting the GOP and what they are doing to union workers in Wisconsin. I have fought for rights for nannies, one family at a time. And sometimes on discussion boards. But these laws are not fair to those of us who have been in this occupation for a long time, who have wanted the same types of work conditions, hours, and two days a week off, over time, etc. that other occupations have. Concepts put forth by nanny agents and associations across this country. The New York Law doesn't have all this. The California law is crazy in expecting those breaks for nannies in the work day???? What, how are parents supposed to magically provide that? You want a 30 minute break guarantee for lunch, go into another profession. I know nannies of color here in DC that do have work conditions that are like mine. Some are better than mine. Some nannies may get mad at some of us for having this when they don't, is that really our faults? Do we have to lower bars for others? Bad bosses are going to be bad bosses, if you are good, learn the language, develop the skill set, move on to something better and leave those cheap parents in the dust. That's what some of us had to do too. You aren't alone in that, regardless of the color of your skin. My ancestors didn't have labor laws on their sides either, but it didn't stop them.

  18. It's just a low blow to even bring up race at all, really. Everyone of every color wants the same things in their jobs and for their children. Don't think we should even "go there."

  19. I work for a family who moved to the US from the UK, and none of their beds have fitted sheets. Honestly, I don't have a problem making a bed with 2 flat sheet, I actually find it easier. I think they could have come up with a different cause for these workers' back pain, I myself have 2 herniated discs, but they are not a result of making a bed without a fitted sheet.

  20. The nanny-housekeeper candidate may assist the family with all of the duties assigned to the nanny but includes family help as well. The housekeeper duties include child care, run family errands including grocery shopping, helping with family laundry and cooking family meals. Thanks a lot.

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