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Have You Ever Been Shorted On a Babysitting Job? Would You Ask the Parents for the Extra Money or Just Let it Slide?

Nannies constantly email Be the Best Nanny Newsletter privately for advice. In response we will post a regular feature on the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter blog asking nannies for their advice for the questions posed to our nanny newsletter.

Our first question is asked from a nanny on the East Coast. Feel free to answer question in comments below.

Dear Nannies of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter:

I am a full-time nanny but I also work a side, part-time nanny job that pays wonderfully once or twice a month. I love the kids, parents, and the job and don’t want to risk the job.

I usually arrive after the children have had dinner and baths, although I do much more than a typical Saturday night babysitter might do. We don’t turn on the TV, instead I play with them, read to them, and put them to bed.

Last week the parents ask that I come four hours earlier than usual. Last Saturday I fed and bathed the children. Then, we played and read books before bed. After the kids went to bed I cleaned up their playroom and kitchen.

The parents came home, I discussed the evening with the mother, and the father rushed in and handed me the check, which I just stuck in my pocket. When I arrived home I realized he hadn’t paid me for the extra four hours I had worked.

My question for other nannies is: Should I ask the parents for the extra four hours they forgot to pay me or let it slide?


  1. I would send the Mom a quick text or email and put smiley faces in it and say something like "By the way, it's no big deal but did you remember to mention to your husband that I came in early this Saturday? I only got my usual pay instead of the additional 4 hours."

  2. I would ask for the money. If they refused to pay I would let them know that you will need to find a new sitting job.

  3. Ask nicely and don't make ultimatums. They pay well so just nice laugh it off saying you know it was a simple mistake and no big deal. You have to ask, but just be similing and really nice about it!Put yourself in their shoes and how embarrassing it would be for them!

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