How to Find a Summer Nanny Job

Many parents need extra help while the kids are out of school for the summer — making it a great opportunity for college students, teachers, or out-of-work career nannies to make extra cash working in the summer. Although typically just a temporary job for two- or three-months, summer nanny jobs may include traveling (perhaps even abroad), swimming, and a lot of fun outdoor activities with kids.

A great summer nanny will still need a resume and stellar job or personal references. Be sure to share your willingness to travel, that you have a passport, and be sure to emphasize that you are CPR/First Aid certified and if you like to swim.

The summer nanny should still sign a work agreement that spells out what her working hours and regular schedule will be, her hourly or salaried pay, and her typical job duties. Click here to see nanny worker rights.

Parents will still need to perform comprehensive interviews, diligent background checks, criminal checks, and personally call the nanny candidate’s references before hiring them.
The summer nanny and her employers will still need to pay taxes.

But, summer nannies won’t typically negotiate job benefits, such as health insurance, as it won’t be a long-term job.


In a Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey in 2010 we found most nannies find jobs today using nanny web sites. When using a nanny web site no one has pre-screened the parents posting jobs online. Anyone can post a job on a nanny web site and it’s easy for the poster to lie.

The very first thing you should do before signing up with a nanny web site is to create a new email address to use specifically for looking for nanny jobs. Use this email address that doesn’t publish your contact information anywhere else online.

Never post your phone number for potential employers online. Only share phone numbers once you are certain you are interested in meeting the family. Phone numbers can easily be used to find your address by using a reverse phone directory.

Choose what you publish wisely. Do not divulge private details about yourself online. The information that you must include in your profile should contain your detailed work history but do not include phone numbers or names of former employers for the general public to read.

Check the family’s references (a former nanny or babysitter) and google their name before arranging an in-person interview.

For your first meeting with a potential employer always meet in a public place. Always inform a family member or friend when you plan to attend an interview you have met online. Provide details about the venue and the time of the interview. That way you can be easily found in cases of emergencies and accidents.

If you follow these simple safety precautions when using nanny web sites to find nanny jobs, you can initiate contacts via email and only talk to the families that appeal to you.


The benefit of using nanny placement agencies is that an experienced agency knows what specific questions to ask parents and nannies to find the right fit for the job. Agencies can help the parents tailor a job description attractive to prospective nannies and help them with every step of hiring a nanny from interviewing to screening. A reputable nanny agency will contact your references personally. Most nanny referral agencies make a concerted effort to protect the privacy of both the employer and the nanny.

The best news, which those who aren’t career nannies might not realize, is that nanny candidates do not pay a cent to receive the help of a nanny agency! The parents pay all the fees.

Working as a summer nanny can be a great way to make some cash while working with kids. If you can swim or like to travel market those skills and desires to find the perfect summer nanny job for you.


  1. great advice I needed today as I am applying online to look for a summer nanny position

  2. I am a early ed teacher and I just used web site to find my summer nanny job. Great pay, nice and easy way to find job.

  3. Great advice can't be too safe when searching for jobs online.

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