Free Webinar Tonight

Nanny Problems: Solutions and Prevention

Honest Advice from Judi Merlin

Free Webinar Thursday April 7th, 7pm EST

What is the biggest problem you have faced on a job and how did you handle it?

What is the biggest problem you have faced on a job and how would you handle it differently in hind sight?

What is the biggest problem you have faced on a job and what did you learn from it?

We will be using facebook and email to collect problems and questions prior to the webinar and Judi Merlin, an agency owner with years of experience will help to solve them, and give you some pointers on how to prevent them from happening again. This webinar will be interactive and full of candid, honest advice from an industry pro!

Judi founded her agency in 1984 and has been committed to quality care ever since. She has a background in special education and as a preschool teacher. Her respect for both parents and caregivers makes her agency unique. She is a member of APNA- the Alliance for Professional Nanny Agencies and also INA. Judi is the mother of four and a grandmother to two. Her passion for our industry makes her a valuable resource to us all.

Listen over your internet connection at

Or call in using the number (206) 701-8388pin number 600622#


  1. Is there a way to hear the workshop/get handouts now that it is over? I tried looking on the site, but could not find anything.

  2. I think anonymous should contact nannypalooza or Judi Merlin directly

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