How Much Do You Charge for Babysitting on New Year’s Eve?

What Nannies and Au Pairs Should Charge for New Year’s Eve

A nanny can charge more when her services are likely to be in higher demand, such as on holidays. We recommend you charge more than your usual rate if you plan to work on New Year’s Eve.

Ask yourself if you even want to work on New Year’s Eve. If you would rather have the evening off simply say, “I’m sorry I already have plans that evening.”

If you would like to work New Year’s Eve determine the rate you would feel comfortable making. Would you like an hourly rate (such as $30 per hour) or would you prefer a flat rate (such as $200 for the night)?

According to the The New York Times, more than a decade ago, babysitters were earning up to $100 an hour, some $250 for five hours, with a 13-year old charging $135 per child. If sitters could earn that much more than 10-years ago, nannies can certainly ask for more than the usual rate when working on New Year’s Eve in 2010.

If you plan to charge double your typical rate, or a high flat rate, you ought to work hard and be prepared to keep the kids busy. Click here for some ideas.

How much do you charge for babysitting on New Year’s Eve?


  1. I get paid $150 tonight from 8pm until parents get home. For an au pair that's great!

  2. Someone in your newsletter once said they charge $75 per kid and worked a NYE party with 10 kids and made $750 that night!

  3. I always receive double my normal rate. I am supposed to have that night off, so if I work they pay me 2 times what I normally make. Tonight I'm making $36 an hour but the family will also give me a tip at the end of the night.Nanny, Weston MA

  4. I don't do it now that I'm married I want the time off.

  5. I'm getting $250 tonight for two kids. Arrive at 8pm, movies, popcorn, bed and I'll watch tv (and maybe fall asleep) until parents come home. I'm single anyway, it's no big deal, quick way to make a lot of money each year.

  6. I am working now! The baby is asleep and they'll be paying me $25 per hour. Most parents usually tip more at the end of the night too.

  7. I couldn't find any work New Year's Eve! I was amazed.The parents I nanny for decided to stay home this year, and the agency I use to find casual babysitting said it was totally dead this year, hardly any bookings at all…

  8. Same here Morgyn. I'm thinking next year I'll ask my boss if they can use me as a babysitter for New Year's Eve around Thanksgiving time. Give them a little time to decide and then at Christmas hang up flyers saying "New Year's Eve Babysitting – Nanny with 6 yrs experience – Great References – $25 per hour" should get some responses that way.

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