Holiday Gift Giving Survey for Nannies and Au Pairs

It’s officially holiday shopping season. If you work as a nanny or au pair please help other in-home caregivers by taking our holiday gift giving survey by clicking here.

Some of the questions you will be asked include:
If you work as a nanny or au pair do you purchase holiday gifts for the children? Do you purchase gifts for the parents? Do you give just one gift for the entire family?

If you purchase holiday gifts for the children how much do you spend per gift?
Under $30 per gift.
No more than $50 per gift.
No more than $75 per gift.
No more than $100 per gift.
More than $100 per gift.
I have no budget, I just buy what I think they will love.

What gifts are you planning to give to the kids, parents, or entire family this holiday season?

To be quoted in our monthly poll please complete the survey by clicking here.


  1. I give the family one big gift. On years I worked for families part time it's been board game, baked goodies, movie night with movie gift card & popcorn. When I work full time for the family I've given scrapbook, portrait of kids, shutterfly photo album, tickets to Nutcracker. I don't think we ought to be expected to buy six gifts for all the family members when or if we can't afford it.

  2. I buy little gifts for each child usually around $10-$15 each and i buy the parents a gift together. The family I am with does alot for me so I want to make sure i do something extra nice cause they are amazing people.

  3. This is a real struggle for me actually and I can't wait to see the results and get some ideas. I usually get nicer gifts for my employers than even my immediate family!! They are generous and I love them but I don't want to go overboard either. Really tough I welcome all ideas!Imani O

  4. I would highly recommend not overspending! I always got generous bonuses and gifts from my employers. Started a new job last year and got a measely $200 check in a card as my gift and bonus last holiday season. I spent much more than $200 just on their family!! Before you know how generous or not the family will be don't spend too much. Not worth it. The parents care much more about what they are giving their kids and really don't care what you do for them.

  5. I usually get the children books and pajamas and make a batch of cookies for them to have on Christmas Eve. And for the parents I get them a gift together, whether it's dinner out and me babysitting, or a nice gift basket.

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