Are You Shopping Today?

Surviving the Holiday Gift Glut

Now that Thanksgiving is over and its Black Friday, (the busiest shopping day of the year), it doesn’t mean we should stop teaching kids to be grateful for all they have.

When buying holiday gifts this season remember that many Americans are out of work. If you have a job be grateful. Holiday shopping season is the perfect time to be frugal, limit holiday spending, while showing how grateful you are for all you have.

Limit extracurricular giving. Determine a reasonable budget on how much you can spend on gifts this holiday season and stick to it. Make a list of who you must buy a present for and purchase only one gift for each person. It’s easiest to shop online because once in the department stores you will be tempted to buy more gifts, but stick with your list.

Take the big day slowly. Instead of one huge gift-grabbing frenzy, have family members open presents one at a time. That way, you have a few moments for appreciation built in.

Stash ’em. Put half of the gifts away and pull them out as rainy day surprises throughout the year.

Downplay the presents. Put more emphasis on celebrating — making cookies, attending your house of worship, decorating the tree, lighting the menorah, visiting relatives.

Take them shopping. Children get immense pleasure out of giving gifts and seeing you express gratitude to them.

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  1. I am buying online this year. See your advice about sticking to a list and by avoiding stores as much as possible helps keep to my list!

  2. NO NO NO I hate crowds. Heard on news people get trampled. I'm following your advice making a list, sticking to it, and shopping online stores so I'm not tempted by store displays.

  3. Been there done that! while it is nice to stand in line for an hour and save, I just can't take that maddness anymore. I can't believe some stores open at 3 and 4 a.m.! That is just crazy! And sounds dangerous to boot! No reason why stores can't open at 7 a.m. and offer the great deals all day. (I guess they are trying to accomdate those who have to work on Black Friday with the early hours?)In any case, not getting caught up in it.Gift certificates may seem impersonal, but they are practical-that way the person gets exactly what they want, sometimes at great after holiday prices. I don't have to lug the item home and wrap it, and then lug it to the holiday gathering. So really Gift Cards are also enviromentally friendly too!

  4. I agree with what a lot of anonymous says but I still feel I need to buy my immediate family and the kids for the family I work for gifts. I'm limiting it to one gift each this year though. I just feel you have to give the kids you work for a gift. I have a small family and we still buy one another gifts, but I'm limiting it to one gift each this year.

  5. I shopped 9 hrs great sales and great bargains. Get your coupons and go! It works!

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