Infants Crave Social Interaction

The Still Face Experiment by Dr. Edward Tronick
From Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky

This week we have posted video clips from the Vook Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky. In this video clip you will see the “Still Face” experiment. After watching this emotional experiment you will never ignore an infant again! Seeing the children desperately try to gain the attention of their mothers is heart breaking.
This experiment clearly shows that even the youngest infant understands emotions and needs social interaction. Dr. Tronick started studying this 34-years ago when people didn’t think that infants could engage in social interaction. But in this “Still Face” experiment you will clearly see how desperate infants are trying to coordinate their emotions and communicate their intentions to their mothers.

You can purchase your own copy by clicking links below:

Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs



  1. I mentioned previously and still think that even though the book is written for normal people like us (non science people) to help us understand the findings I still find it a little confusing. It's that much research is repeated and used in different sections. Lots of overlap of experiments. Yesterdays video is fun but why is it listed as Making Connections instead of Communicaation? There is a lot of overlap.

  2. Well steph 6, the thing is the topics do overlap and that's fine. Obviously you are learning more than focus and control when a child plays Simon Says Do the Opposite. They are also understanding communication, making connections, listening to rules, and so on. Learning all connects. All learning into school connects too. Just because you read doesn't mean you are only reading. You have to understand what you are reading also. It all connects and it's fascinating!

  3. How awful it is to watch the poor baby! Nannies and au pairs shouldn't leave babies alone. We must not accept housekeeping with an infant or we will get stuck cleaning instead of nurturing babies, like seen in this experiment!

  4. Just heart breaking! I will never ignore an infant again.

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