High Quality Child Care Does Matter

Interview with Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making About High Quality Child Care

While I was feeling sorry for myself for not being able to afford to attend the International Nanny Association Conference in San Francisco this year, I lucked-out and was spontaneously invited to attend a book signing with Ellen Galinsky the author of Mind in the Making that same weekend.

I am excited to discuss the book Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs in the June 2010 issue of Be the Best Nanny Monthly Guide (which comes out tomorrow) and will discuss the book more thoroughly on this blog after our health reform timeline series, starting on Saturday, June 12th.

In the meantime, I would love to share with you this interview with Ann Pleshette Murphy from ABC News Now on the topic of quality child care and the recent report released by the National Institiue of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) with the author of Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky.

As if nannies didn’t know this before we know now — high quality child care does matter!

See the interview in the sidebar or click here to see the interivew on the ABC website. Click here to see the NIH News video about the study.


  1. Thank you for telling us about this book. I just got the book today! It's so facinating!

  2. YES! Finally a book like this has been written. I have goosebumps! This is going to be a ride and a half. Thanks for the info! I wish I could repay the favor. Well, I guess you could come to my site.

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