A Friend for Life

Pros and Cons of Being a Live-In Nanny
An Interview with Live-In Nanny Nancy Lacey

Nancy Lacey is a nanny originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been working as a live-in childcare provider in Beverly Hills, California for the same family for six-years. Lacey says some of the perks of her job have been, “Meeting other nannies. Some even work for celebrities.”

But, she admits it was not an easy adjustment at first. “I was very homesick for the first few months and used to call my parents crying all the time,” says Lacey.

She continues, “The hardest part of being a nanny is the schedule. The parents were so spontaneous changing my schedule all the time.”

Lacey explains, “I had to sit down with the parents and explain I was exhausted and that I needed to develop a set schedule so I could plan my time-off as well.”

“Since that talk things have improved and I truly love my job,” she says.

“Working so closely with the children is so rewarding. I can see my personal influence in their development and feel so fortunate to have had this working experience,” says Lacey.

Lacey’s advice to others considering moving to become live-in nannies, “The homesickness bug eventually bites. But be patient. You will get over being homesick.”

She recommends, “Allow the family to help you get over the hump so you can enjoy the experience.”

“I know I sound like a brochure but being a nanny is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile jobs you can have. If you love being with children, are dedicated to keeping them safe and happy, and are interested in educating and stimulating them to prepare for later life then becoming a nanny is ideal career for you,” explains Lacey.

“Just a few of the aspects of the job I will treasure most is forming a close relationship with the children, being trusted by the parents allowed the responsibility for every aspect of their well being, creating a happy and inspirational environment for the children, and I have loved watching them grow and develop,” says Lacey.

She says, “If you love children and want to see another part of the country being a live-in nanny is a great and rewarding opportunity.”

“I love the family very much now and no matter where I move, they will be my friends for life,” says Lacey.

What do you think are the pros and cons of working as a live-in nanny? Have you kept in touch with your former employers and their children after you end a job?


  1. I think some of her advice is cold hearted. Nothiung better than holding a warm, content, fed, sleeping baby. The rigid routinue scares the life out of me. It's simply unnatural to allow infants to cry.

  2. Very sweet interview with Nancy. I do feel like I have made friends for life with my job.

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