Six-Part Video Series on Hiring Nannies Online Featuring The Nanny Doctor has created a series of six educational videos on how to find and hire the right nanny or nanny babysitter for your family online. The videos are hosted by “The Nanny Doctor,” Dr. Lindsay Heller, a professional nanny consultant. has developed a series of videos to help parents through the nanny search and hiring process.
Each video guides parents through the online process of finding and hiring the right nanny for their family.

The six-part series includes:
Part 1 – Overview of (nanny care) hiring online. Learn the basics of finding and hiring a nanny.
Part 2 – Identify your family’s needs in a nanny or nanny babysitter. What makes your family unique?Do you have pets?How old are your kids? What is your family’s schedule?
Part 3 – Developing your online nanny job description. What will you require of a nanny? Do you need a live-in or live-out nanny? Do you need someone who’s experienced with nanny care for infants?Do you need housekeeping help as well as child-care?

Part 4 – Screening eNannySource nannies. Get practical tips on how to use the tools to make the nanny hiring process more efficient. Learn how to: narrow down your search. Keep track of your top picks. Find the nanny that’s truly right for you.

Part 5 – Nanny phone interviews, email screening, and in-person interviewing. The interview process is the most important part of determining the right nanny for your family. Get tips on:using our exclusive Nanny Success Kit, what questions to ask nannies, how to have a discussion about salary, and where and how to conduct interviews.

Part 6 – Nanny reference checks and nanny background checks. This part of the process is crucial to your family’s safety. Get invaluable advice on what to look for when checking references. Which background checks to conduct. Nanny background check services offered by

In addition to these videos, offers their Nanny Success Kit to all members which provides interview questions, hiring forms and tips to help families hire like a professional nanny agency.
About was launched in 2001 by former full-service nanny agency owner, Steve Lampert, who used his nanny expertise to develop the site. Families can search the database of nannies and use vetting tips and tools like the Nanny Success Kit and nanny background checks to hire a nanny just like a professional nanny agency.


  1. That sounds great! I know many parents who really need this!I've met the Nanny Dr. and think she is SUPER!~Andrea- Nanny in NJ

  2. Awesome post! I love to read your blogsite!

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