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Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and this is the year of the tiger. The year 2010 is year 4707 in the Chinese calendar. Below, Chinese New Year for Kids by Cindy Roberts has plenty of activities, party ideas, art projects, and recipes to use with your charges for Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year for Kids
By Cindy Roberts

Chinese New Year for Kids is a full color paperback book with beautiful, authentic Chinese illustrations. This is a hands-on workbook for parents, caregivers, and teachers, written for children from ages three to 12-years old, for use in the classroom or at home. Children will enjoy the Chinese New Year party ideas, dragon parades, lion dances, art projects, and Chinese zodiac games.

The art projects for Chinese New Year are designed to be easy, as well as inexpensive to reproduce for large groups. All the activities in this book have been thoroughly tested in the classroom, with very successful results, and have elicited lots of enthusiasm from children and teachers alike. Music, physical movement, art, and food all add to the ambiance of taking an imaginary trip to China during the Chinese New Year.

Celebrating Chinese New Year
By Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

Children love celebrating Chinese New Year. This book follows a young Chinese-American boy and his family as their prepare for the Chinese New Year. The author includes the symbolic meanings of the foods eaten and other Chinese New Year customs, an explanation of the Chinese Zodiac, and an in-depth look at the Lion Dance. The photographs are absolutely stunning!


  1. I nanny for 3 boys and they could care less about arts and crafts. They lose attention quickly. They want to shot pretend guns, wrestle, snowball fight, play video games and so on. I spoke to them about Chinese New Year last night during their dinner but didn't get to do any projects with them because they really don't like it. I have tried over and over and they just get distracted too fast. It's a shame since I never met a nanny that doesn't love crafts!Nanny MaryEllen, in Denver CO

  2. Oooh, your post gave me an idea. I have drafted an article for my blog on Crafts for boys and tomboys.go to if you are interested, and it will be there under blog soon.

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