Prince Charming Isn’t Coming

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Barbara Stanny is a money expert that has appeared on numerous national and regional television and radio programs to spread her message of financial empowerment for women. As the daughter of the R in H & R Block, she grew up relying on her father, then her husband, to manage money. But, a financial crisis became her personal wake-up call. Her journey to financial enlightenment is an inspiring story, and became the basis of her books.

Barbara Stanny offers the skills and attitudes for women to adopt. The heart of the book is her Seven Realizations of Financial Enlightenment, which provide a path to financial empowerment. You will enjoy reading about her personal journey from financial ignorance to financial strength. There is a quiz in the book that is very useful in determining your personal financial situation.

Click here to see our review of another Barbara Stanny book, Overcoming Underearning(R): A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life.

Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money

Have you read Barbara Stanny books? How do you feel about her Seven Realizations of Financial Enlightenment?

To see our next favorite book about money management for women stop by tomorrow for Make Money, Not Excuses!


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  2. I am so far into debt that these ideas are overwhelming. Where do nanny's find jobs that pay? I make $12 an hour and use it all up week after week for bills.

  3. What I don't like about Barbara Stanny is she beleives if you make a small salary it's your fault. She says low earners are sabatouging themselves. I don't think that's realistic especially when it comes to blue collar or domestic workers. We can only make as much as these jobs pay.

  4. Different parts of the country have hugely different salary ranges for domestics, including nannies. The problem is societal, not personal. Our culture covets entertainers and sports players, not nannies and teachers. The pay you receive reflects the value society places on nanny, not necessarily the quality of your work.

  5. I think the point is well made. Where in the world does a woman not want to get married and be taken care of by their husband? That's the issue. Fathers still grill boyfriends and fiances because they want their daughters well taken care of. Even in cities and high educated women. It's the fairy tales of Disney that ingrain this early on, even when our mothers work.

  6. Great comment polly,Ironic that nannies (and au pairs, and daycare workers, and teachers) are caring children. There is nothing more important to parents than their kids. Yet, there are a few nannies that make great incomes with benefits and are respected like Super Nanny. Something is really wrong with a parents in a society that spends more on landscaping or furnishing their home than on child care.Parents can spend money however they like, but to spend more on their kids' clothes than on their child care worker's salary it's clear their priorities are wrong.It is very hard to find great paying jobs in this economy. Let's pray more jobs become available for parents so nannies can ask for great pay once again.Nanny Miriam15 Years Nanny ExperiencePsych degreeWestport CT

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