Top 10 Worst Toy List

On Wednesday we discussed what to buy the children you care for this holiday season. Click here to see our suggestions. In this month’s issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we recommend nannies and au pairs choose safe, age-appropriate gifts that encourage creative play rather than passive play for children. Instead of choosing electronic […]

Children’s Books About Hanukkah and Christmas (Interfaith Stories)

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au PairsBy Interfaith Nanny I loved growing up with parents of different faiths. My father was raised by Jewish parents, yet enjoyed celebrating Christmas and Easter with my mother (his Christian wife) and children. My entire family love attending Passover at my paternal Grandparent’s house or a […]

Best Nanny Newsletter in The Wall Street Journal Again

Holiday Nanny Bonus: Cash Is King, But How Much?By Sue ShellenbargerAs the holidays draw near, many parents are trying to figure out the best year-end gift for a nanny or sitter. While these caregivers might seem like family members much of the time, it is best at holiday-bonus time to think of them as employees. […]

Holiday Bonuses for Nannies: Parents Don’t Give Less Than Last Year

Parents: What to Give Your Nanny for the Holidays Yesterday we discussed what gifts nannies and au pairs can give this holiday season. Now for parents, we will discuss what employers should give their in-home childcare providers for holiday gifts and bonuses. The most important word to remember when giving your nanny a gift this […]

Holiday Gifts from Nannies and Au Pairs

Giving Holiday Gifts on a BudgetWhen you are strapped for money but want to give holiday gifts make a list of how much you want to spend per person. Since Christmas is next week there might not be enough time to buy gifts online. But, check the Internet for the best prices for stores that […]

Easy Star of David Craft

Make a Star of David for Hanukkah The Star of David is named after King David of ancient Israel. With the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 the Star of David on the Flag of Israel has also become a symbol of Israel. You will need:6 Popsicle sticksGlueGlitterYarn or ribbon Directions: Glue Popsicle […]

Make Latkes for Hanukkah

Cooking with Kids: Everyone Loves Potato Pancakes Many families are still celebrating Hanukkah. Latkes, or potato pancakes, are the traditional Hanukkah dish for Eastern European Jews. But, all children like latkes so all nannies and au pairs should consider making the children latkes during Hanukkah, even if the kids in their care don’t celebrate Hanukkah. […]

Best Nanny Newsletter Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Gifts That Last a YearBy Financial Nanny Blog Thank you to the Financial Nanny Blog for recommending a subscription to Be the Best Nanny Newsletter as a great Holiday gift for nannies. As a subscriber to Be the Best Nanny Newsletter you receive ten, 16-page issues per year about topics important to nannies and au […]

Children’s Craft & Activity Books for Hanukkah

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au PairsHanukkah, Festival Of Lights: Celebrate With Songs, Decorations, Food, Games, Prayers, and Traditions by Jeffrey A. O’Hare This book explores the many aspects of the holiday, from the very first Hanukkah in the ancient temple, to today’s modern celebrations. Readers will learn about the prayers and […]

How to Play Dreidel for Nannies and Au Pairs

Everyone Loves Playing Dreidel You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Love Playing Dreidel One of the most popular games most children (Jewish or not) love learning to play is dreidel. Here are instructions on how to play dreidel from A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration (which can be purchased below) published by […]