Children’s Craft & Activity Books for Hanukkah

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs

Hanukkah, Festival Of Lights: Celebrate With Songs, Decorations, Food, Games, Prayers, and Traditions by Jeffrey A. O’Hare

This book explores the many aspects of the holiday, from the very first Hanukkah in the ancient temple, to today’s modern celebrations. Readers will learn about the prayers and traditions that are central to the holiday. The author presents stories, games, crafts, and songs to enhance the celebration. Hanukkah prayers, traditions, stories, games, recipes, crafts, and songs are included to enhance the enjoyment of the entire family during this holiday.

Hanukkah Crafts by Karen E. Bledsoe

This book provides information about the origin and customs of Hanukkah, ideas for celebrating the holiday, and directions for making 10 crafts such as a dreidel mobile, holiday cards, and candle candy holders.

Visit us again next Saturday for another Weekly Trip to the Library to discuss interfaith children’s books about Hanukkah and Christmas.


  1. Good choices. I am at the library and I couldn't get them at the library since they were already borrowed. I'll be prepared for next year at least.Danielle. NJ Nanny

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