Making Garland with Kids


You will need:
Construction paper
Glue sticks


1. Simply cut out long strips of construction any colors you like about four inches long and one inch wide.

2. Place some glue on one end of the first strip and overlap it over the other end to form a loop

3. Place glue on the second strip of paper and insert it through the first loop then create a loop just like you did for the first one.

4. Continue adding new loops until the garland is the length you desire.

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You can make this as easy or elaborate as you want to. For the easiest version the nanny can cut out the gingerbread man garland and allow kids to just use markers to decorate the garland. For older children let them cut out the garland and decorate with anything they like. Some suggestions below.

You will need:
Craft Paper
White glue (tacky or Elmers)
Glitter glue
Fabric paint in squeeze bottles
Googly eyes
Scraps of fabric

1. Fan fold the sheet of paper. The paper should be folded back and forth like an accordion or fan.
2. Draw the shape you want on one part of the folded paper. If you want the garland to be all boys or all girls, just draw one child. If you want boys and girls, draw both children. Make sure their hands are touching at the folded edge.

3. Cut out the shape for your garland being sure not to cut the fold lines under the hands. Open up your garland. Depending on the size of your paper, you may need to tape or glue together a few pieces to make a long garland.

4. For the youngest children they can use crayons or markers to decorate their garland. Glitter glue or fabric paint in squeeze bottles can be used to draw the icing. Scraps of fabric or colored paper can be cut into vest, skirts etc and glued on. Googly eyes, ribbons, raffia, buttons, pompoms and beads can all be glued on.

You will need:
Tapestry needle
Pasta in various shapes
Paint brushes

1. Gather all the necessary supplies. Select different shapes of pasta. Any pasta with a hole works well. Also get some yarn, a tapestry needle, acrylic paints, paint brushes and a dish
of water for rinsing the brush.

2. Spread out newspapers or paper towels on the work surface to make cleanup easy.

3. Give the kids paint brushes and let them paint the pasta shapes.Use any colors at all; there are no rules. Sprinkle on some glitter before the paint dries for a little extra sparkle. Let this dry before continuing.

4. Measure out the desired amount of yarn. Add on extra length for tying off later.
Thread the yarn onto the tapestry needle. Slide the first piece of pasta onto the yarn. Go back through the pasta shape a second time in the same manner to make a loop and pull it tight to hold the pasta on the yarn. This keeps the project from sliding off the yarn. Knot it off, if necessary.

5. Hold the tapestry needle while letting the kids put the pasta shapes on. Use this as an opportunity to teach smaller children patterns with colors and shapes.

6. Make another loop through the final piece of pasta just like with the first piece, then tie it off with one or two knots.


Makes one 10-foot garland

You will need:
Wide-eyed needle
Fishing line or thread
15 cups popped popcorn
6 cups gumdrops
3 cups colorful Life Savers

1. Decide on the length of garland you want. Thread the needle with the length of fishing line or thread.

2. Tie a large double knot at the end of the line. Put the needle through as many popcorn kernels as you like, then move on to the gumdrops or Live Savers, threading them through the middle.

3. Keep threading the items until you are nearly done, remembering to leave room to tie off the garland, You can nibble at this garland for the first three days; after that it should be purely decorative. When the holiday season is over, you should throw it away.

4. It is fun to come up with patterns you would like to repeat, such as five popcorn, three red Life Savers, two green gumdrops, and two white gumdrops. Repeat.

Tip: Use a dampened paper towel to clean the needle in between threading items.



  1. Perfect I was looking something to do to keep busy until winter break! Keep them busy with both link and gingerbread men garlands. So easy, can't beleive I didn't think of it. Thanks again for great easy ideas. Merry Christmas1Elaine, Bryn Mawr PA

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