Baby Einstein Shown Not Educational

Baby Einstein DVD Refund

If you purchased a Baby Einstein video within the past five-years you can receive a full refund on the purchase price.

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’s 2006 Federal Trade Commission complaint forced Disney to stop claiming that Baby Einstein videos were educational for infants, and to begin denying that they had ever made such claims.

On Good Morning America, Baby Einstein’s General Manager said, “We have not claimed that we are educational.”

But until now, no move has been made to compensate people who were misled into purchasing the videos for their babies.

Recent research shows that screen time is not educational for babies, and that children under age two should not have any screen time at all. Now parents who purchased Baby Einstein DVDs, mistakenly believing the videos would make their babies smarter, can recoup their money.

To participate, you must have purchased a Baby Einstein DVD between June 5, 2004 and September 4, 2009.

If you are not satisfied with the Baby Einstein DVD you purchased during the period mentioned above, for a limited time beginning on September 4, 2009 and ending on March 4, 2010, you may exchange it for one of the following:

To request your DVD exchange or refund, limited to four (4) per household, you must follow the steps on their web site. Click here to access the web site refund and money back guarantee.


  1. This series absolutely markets itself as educational. How could they say other? Look at the title "EINSTEIN" that implies smart and educational. I am shocked that they aren't educational. I guess Baby Einstein is better than news or violence or soap operas.Felicia Taylor Moorestown NJ

  2. This is shocking but who saves a receipt after so long? They aren't expensive so who cares, but will they have to change the name of the series?

  3. Gee, but President Bush sang the founder's praises in the state of the union one year.

  4. Proving once again you can't judge a book (DVD) by it's cover! Why would anyone think tv was educational?Professional Nanny Sara Eaton Yardley PA


  6. I love these DVD's I have the whole set in my own collection that I use for work. I love that you can switch them from english and spanish! All the kids I have taken care of love this series!

  7. Well DeShaun,I think the point is television for infants and toddlers is never educational. "Recent research shows that screen time is not educational for babies, and that children under age two should not have any screen time at all."We have to learn to divert their attention with toys and books and such instead.

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