Halloween Recipes for Au Pairs and Nannies

Cute Meatball Bugs

We made these little meatball bugs using Pillsbury biscuits. Purchase a can of Pillsbury original biscuits, 20 frozen cooked meatballs (or turkey meatballs), and raisins.

1. We preheated the oven to manufacturer’s directions. Then we sprayed a large cookie sheet with cooking spray. (You can line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil before applying the cooking spray for easy clean up).

2. Separated the dough into ten biscuits. Then we separated each biscuit into two layers. Wrap a biscuit piece around each meatball. Line on the cookie sheet and add raisins for eyes. Repeat with remaining meatballs.

3. We baked the meatball critters about ten minutes until golden brown.

4. Be creative decorating the meatball bugs. If the raisins fall off during cooking you can use tooth picks (watch little kids when serving) and garnish them with olives for eyes and mouth. In a small bowl, mix ketchup and mustard. Serve crawlers with ketchup mixture and cheese dip.

We highly recommend the easy Halloween recipes found at: http://www.pillsbury.com/

Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

To make these yummy ghosts purchase Nutter Butter brand peanut better cookies, a bag of white chocolate chips, and a small bag of semi sweet chocolate chips or mini M&M’s. This works best if you have someone to help. One can dip and the other can do the eyes.

1. We lined cookie sheets with aluminum foil, then sprayed them lightly with cooking spray.

2. Pour about one third of the bag of white chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl. Very slowly heat the white chocolate chips. Beware: it is very important not to overcook the chocolate. Heat the chocolate in the microwave on High for ten seconds, then stir. Heat the chocolate for another ten seconds then stir until the chocolate is smooth.

3. Dip one cookie at a time into the melted smooth chocolate until the cookies are completely white.

4. Lay the dipped cookie on the paper.

5. Put two chocolate chips or two mini M&M’s on the cookie to look like eyes before the chocolate hardens. Note: Since the chocolate hardens in a few minutes, start the process over again once the chocolate is thick and hard to spread on the cookies.

6. Let the candy covered cookies harden. Remove from paper and cover tightly until you are ready to serve them.

Jersey Bites Zombies and Cats

These Halloween treats are found on the Jersey Bites web site using General Mills cereal.

1. Melt butter in sauce pan, add marshmallows and stir constantly until melted. Add cereal. Stir to coat with sticky, gooey mixture and remove from heat for ten minutes.

2. With hands sprayed in Pam or buttered, roll mixture into two-inch balls. Let them rest to set up.

3. When balls are hardened, melt white chocolate chips in a double boiler. Add green food coloring until you reach the desired Shrek-like consistency.

4. Either dip balls or spread with spatula on to balls. While still wet apply sprinkles, eyes, nose and mouth.

To see the list of ingredients and directions for making cats click here to visit the Jersey Bites web site.

Are you making fun Halloween foods or treats with the children this week?


  1. The mother brought home magazines of halloween recipes that so hard to do. These seem much more easy. I will give the top 2 ideas a try. Bottom one still seems hard. My idea was to cut pancakes and bread with cookie cutters for halloween. I am wanting to try recipe thanks.Meggy W. Melrose MA

  2. I do the ghosts every year with my charges…SO much fun! Another fun one is cookie spiders…you need Oreos, shoestring licorice, a tube of gel frosting and mini M&M's. Cut the licorice into short pieces for legs…you can either cut them very short (eight per spider) and stick them into the Oreo from the sides OR you can cut them longer (four per spider) and open the Oreo up, lay the pieces across it, and close the cookie back up. Use the gel frosting to "glue" on M&M eyes. Sometimes we'll dip the Oreos in white chocolate candy coatine and sprinkle it with orange sprinkles/decorating sugar/halloween sprinkles and plunk a green gumdrop at the top to make it look like a pumpkin, too! Tara

  3. Thanks for the recipes I am trying the 2 recipes above today. :)Patty Nanny in Houston

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