Age Appropriate Halloween DVD’s for Nannies and Au Pairs

Little tots are scared of the dark, haunted houses, and scary movies on Halloween. But, you can view fun Halloween movies with little kids too. Some great classic Halloween movies for little kids include: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Barney’s Halloween Party, and Arthur’s Scary Stories. We also found two NEW Halloween DVDs to share with the little ones in a nanny’s or au pair’s charge.

Shaun the Sheep™: Little Sheep of HorrorsFrom Lionsgate And HIT Entertainment

Tiptoe along with Shaun the Sheep™ and his fellow flock as they creep, sneak and behave like sheep in a collection of kooky and spooky episodes when the all-new Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors, just in time for Halloween.

Join Shaun as he leads his fearless flock through six adventures that mix the spooky, the kooky, and the just plain funny. A troublesome tractor, freaky farm noises, and sleepwalking sheep are only a few of the weird and wonderful surprises waiting for Shaun and his barnyard pals as they creep, sneak and make mayhem in this laugh-filled collection.
“Little Sheep of Horrors” – Intrigued by a horror film on TV, Timmy wanders into the Farmer’s House, and Shaun’s rescue mission wreaks panic.
“Abracadabra” – When the Farmer decides to throw out his magic set, Shaun decides to put on a show – but things get out of hand when the flock start disappearing!
“Things That Go Bump” – On a dark and stormy night the flock cannot sleep – Shaun discovers the culprits.
“Heavy Metal Shaun” – The farmer inspects the lawn with a metal detector. When Shaun and Bitzer try it, they discover a metallic threat behind a hedge.
“Troublesome Tractor” – The tractor seems to be ready for the scrap heap and the farmer wishes he could afford to buy a new one. So the sheep overhaul it…

“Sheepwalking” – It is a peaceful night at the farm, until Shaun starts to walk in his sleep. The Flock cannot resist their natural instinct to follow, and chaos soon ensues.
· Sheep-Shearing Game
· Whack-A-Pig Game
Hit Favorites: Trick or Treat Tales

Boys and ghouls – gather ‘round for not-so-spooky tales of adventure, learning and friendship with your favorite preschool pals Thomas & Friends™, Barney™, Bob the Builder™, Angelina Ballerina™, Fifi and the Flowertots™ and Fireman Sam™.
The thrills start with Thomas & Friends™ in a ghostly adventure. Bob The Builder™ and Spud put on scary faces to protect a giant pumpkin pie from hungry crows. Barney™ and Fifi learn that there’s more to a costume than just dressing up. Angelina Ballerina™ sneaks into a costume ball and Fireman Sam™ saves a furry friend from a chilling experience. Enjoy the season’s sweetest collection of Trick or Treat Tales!
· Thomas & Friends – “Flour Power!”
· Barney & Friends™ – “Guess Who?”
· Bob the Builder – “Trix’s Pumpkin Pie”
· Fifi and the Flowertots – “Pirate Primrose”
· Angelina Ballerina – “The Costume Ball”

What are your favorite Halloween movies for children?


  1. I am glad to see there are things out there to celebrate and enjoy the Halloween Season for younger children. I usually care for toddlers or pre-schoolers, and always dread this time of the year. Because of all the scary/evil decorations. Is anyone else upset that public places such as, the grocery stories/libraries/front of homes display gory or evil decorations?My past charges(aged 3 and 4) would get very upset when we entered the A-n-P and right in the front lobbby there was a scary/evil looking life-size monster that made scary sounds, had blood all over it and then took it's head off.My charges would cry and cling to me and say- Take me home! I don't want to go in there, there are monsters/vampires/ghosts in there who will get me! In the library on the way to story time- they too had scary/gory displays right in the front enterance. I mentioned this to the places, and thankfully they realized this was inconsiderate to younger children after they saw how upset my charge was.~Andrea, Nanny, Northern, NJ

  2. Oh, I hear you Andrea. Between nanny jobs during the nanny job downturn where I used to live I took temp jobs as a Halloween Store Manager. The scary stuff was all in the front, and some kids couldn't even get in the front door to get back to the costume area. I hated it, this was a community with an EXTREMELY high volume of little kids. People who want the gore will always hunt for that in the store. But keep the kid friendly stuff in their sight.Anyway, about movies. Charlie Brown, ultimate. I couldn't tell you who produced it but a cartoon version of Legend of Sleepy Hollow for slightly older charges. A few years ago I found this awesome PC book about teaching tolerance to young kids. My former toddler and preschool charges loved it. Then of course they decided we needed to make different colored and shaped pumpkins during art time.

  3. I like giving kids gifts that aren't candy and this is actually a good idea.Dana Wright Durham

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