Modernizing Mari Poppinz Nanny Essay Contest!

The Top 20 Nanny Responders Win A One Year Subscription To The ChildCare Education Institute’s Online Courses.

Purpose of this contest:

1. To encourage nannies to receive training or continuing education in child development so they will be more knowledgeable and able to provide better care to children.

2. To boost the confidence of nannies who are in the interviewing process. To allow them the opportunity to earn clock hours and thus make them a better qualified candidate for positions.

3. To honor the National Association of Nanny Care’s efforts to create the Three Tier Nanny Credential.

Answer the questions and submit your answers BY OCTOBER 28, 2009. Those receiving the subscriptions will be notified by November 1, 2009.

Please click here to enter contest.


  1. This is a great opportunity, but I simply won't have the time to take these type of classes at this time. 60 hours a week full-time and babysitting on weekends I can barely stand up at the end of each day. Nice opportunity for others!!Nanny Janet Tampa

  2. It is a nice thing to do. I feel I am too busy at his time also. Anything to help nannies is great.Maria Lopez, Miami Florida

  3. Absolute best care training just posted a press release stating they are one-of-a-kind nanny training. Meanwhile, right here we offer FREE nanny training. Misleading advertising for ABC. It might be good but the press release is misleading.Meanwhile this is a great opportunity so I will start writing an essay but it might take a few days.Thanks!Sally NJ

  4. Thanks for posting this Stephanie.As the owner of a domain name, I do cringe when I see how the company's PR people are using Modern Mary Poppins in their subtitle. Clearly a Modern Mari Poppins, according to a logo design I have in the works will use the Internet to do a search and see how many different options there are to help her do her job better. For things like parenting tips, household tasks, child development, etc. OH, and finding out there are many affordable options to get education and training to their jobs for a lot less than 4k for 50 hours.Okay yes, I guess this was also part of my motivation for offering this opportunity at this time. I am looking forward to nannies who do have the chance to participate in this program, to see what a great option this is for nanny education, and help spread the news to others in our profession.Peace,

  5. I'm sorry, I just can't provide all of this information to a nanny who I do not know. I asked around and no one else I know knew this person either. Seems very invasive to provide all of this to a complete stranger. It would be different if it were to the actual education program, to an agency or to an organization, but to a nanny that I'm unfamiliar with?Also- who is judging this? Just the one nanny? Again, odd.

  6. Just email her. I think it is Lisa Werth not positive. Not meant to be a scam I don't think. But never do something your gut sahs you should't.

  7. Yes it is Lisa Werth that is providing this opportunity. NO It's not a scam. A con or anything. I know hard to believe given we live in such hard cynical times that some perfect stranger would be willing to just take a week's salary and turn it into a learning opportunity for 20 nannies, many who she has never met. The form I used as a template for the application is actually modified from one NAEYC put out for those applying for a scholarship to attend their conference here in DC in a few weeks.In a way, I need to make sure those appying for the contest are legit too because I genuinely want this to go to nannies or potential nannies. Not whatever else.I'm not going to do much of anything with the information. My reputation is online in that regard, and trust me I've worked hard and long in this profession to throw it away now. I have BIG career ambitions in the arena of nanny education. I volunteer with some organizations where I need to have a very clean record too.My websites modernizingmarypoppins.comand under constructionnannytraining.netThere are many nannies in this country. While I have met many, and know it is a small percentage of the total number. No body has to participate if they don't want to, but before people get suspicious and air skepticism please just ask for more information.Or check out my profile website. Practically everything about me is there, except my kitchen sink.I have helped many nannies on one discussion board where user names are required. I could let them vouch for me, but I really want my privacy to be maintained there.

  8. Good idea. Sounds like a good opportunity for most. I will mention it my friends. Currently I am swamped and wouldn't be able to handle the extra responsibilities of classes. But thanks for the great offer. I hope some take advantage of it.Nanny and Household Manager Felicia TirontolaOrange County CA

  9. I have had the opportunity to get to "know" Lisa through a couple of different sites; and there is NO WAY I would send my personal information to her. Are you the only person who will be judging the contest? If this were through a well known agency or corporation, say INA, I could see validity in this contest. If it were being judged by a panel, again, I could see it. But feeling that the contest will only be judged by someone who thinks a little too highly of themselves, and who is a bit of a nut case; no thank you. Best of luck to those of you who feel the need to enter the contest, I worry that you will be hounded by Lisa for years to come and she will feel that you "owe" her something.

  10. It's easy to stay anonymous and make your heinous accusations against a person who is willing to put their name and reputation on the line. And I have learned to not get into it with you. You choose yet again to make a public scene like this instead of keeping things private. You continue to attack my character, when I have not named you. I will ask you to stop. Please leave me and other professional nannies alone as your attacks on us are unfair and untrue.I do not need a future potential employer to ever come across a google search of anything you falsely accuse me or any other nanny of who does something to unintentionally upset you, make you feel defensive, or whatever. I know a lot about libel and slander, you are crossing lines and if you continue to do so, since I know your nameI will seek legal action against you.

  11. I think what Lisa is tring to do is great! Other professional nannies with blogs have also given away things/created "contests" for nannies. If what Lisa is offering is not for you…than don't enter.Personally I am glad to see someone trying to give back to the nanny profession and spark a passion for nannies to get involved in some type of training! Thank you Lisa! ;-D~Andrea Flagg, Professional Career Nanny, Northern, NJ

  12. ROFL…Is the above anonymous attack what prompted your accusatory and threatening email to me last night, Lisa? The one where you claimed to have informed NANC and other "nannies and nanny agents at the national level" how heinous you believe me to be?I promise you, I did not make that comment. I'm leaving this one because I am presuming that Stephanie, as the blog owner, can verify this by checking IP addresses/information of those who post. Unlike some people, I claim my words and comments, and I'll thank you VERY much to stop your inappropriate and wrongful characterizations of who I am. You're not the only person who can call a lawyer. Tara

  13. It's a great idea for nannies to further their education. Parents will pay more for the educated nanny. I hope this is a nice opportunity for some nannies!!

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