Weekly Trip to the Library

The Baby Bistro Cookbook by Joohee Muromcew

Yesterday we posted Part 1 of Brenda Nixon’s essay “Feeding Finicky Toddlers” from her book, The Birth to Five Book.

Below is part II of the essay in which Brenda Nixon recommends The Baby Bistro Cookbook.

The Baby Bistro Cookbook
by Joohee Muromcew advises [child caregivers] not to cook a separate meal for their tot; rather give him a “dumbed down” version – for instance, a less spicy one – of what the parents are eating. Packed with 150 kid-tested recipes, The Baby Bistro Cookbook offers directions for preparing an entire week’s supply of dishes and pediatrician-approved information on adapting recipes to suit [the] tot’s age and tastes.

Most baby and toddler cookbooks contain outdated nutritional advice, lack menus for kids with special dietary needs, or offer unpalatable dishes that hold little appeal for your child. Joohee Muromcew was inspired to change those dismal options when she began to cook for her son. Armed with her expert culinary skills and her desire to create healthy, delicious foods with a sophisticated flair, she developed a cookbook that is without equal.

Teaching children at an early age to appreciate and enjoy the same fresh, delicious meals you find so delectable is easy. Once you experience the simple pleasures of knowing that your young one is eating happily and healthfully, you’ll never want to touch, or feed a baby, another jar of bland baby food again!

Be sure to stop by again next Saturday for another Weekly Trip to the Library. If you have a book idea you would like to share with nannies and au pairs email us and let us know.

The Baby Bistro Cookbook: Healthy, Delicious Cuisine for Babies, Toddlers, and You


  1. I really like "Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food" by Jessica Seinfield.Although, most of my friends have given up on the recipes because it takes extra work of pureeing cauliflower, sweet potatoes and other healthy veggies to add to the recipes.But, my charges like her recipe for lasagna and twice baked potatoes more than other recipes and they have no clue cauliflower and sweet potatoes are in the dishes.Nanny of 12 yrs Rosie, Short Hills NJ

  2. Great Advice! I am always searching for healthy meals to feed the kids- I am def. going to check out the Baby Bistro Cookbook!~Andrea, Nanny/Northern, NJ

  3. The family is expecting a newborn and are hinting that they would like me to make the baby food myself instead of purchasing ready made baby food that is readily available in grocery stores.Anyone ever had to make baby food at home before?

  4. Dear anonymous above,Making homemade baby food is not difficult. The hardest part for me was it can get very watery. There are great cookbooks for making baby food. It isn't hard, very few ingredients needed, but I have found it has to be prepared fresh and used quickly. It does not last long.Nanny Heather, Boston Mass.

  5. Hi, Brenda – This is Joohee Muromcew, author of The Baby Bistro. Thanks for your kind words about my book, and for encouraging your readers to get in the kitchen. I would love to donate a book to the library or non-profit of your choice. Please email me at joohee@muromcew.com. All the best, Joohee

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