Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs

365 Ways to Raise Great Kids: Activities for Raising Bright, Caring, Honest, Respectful and Creative Children
By Sheila Ellison and Barbara A. Barnett
Published by Sourcebooks, Incorporated. October 1998.

Although this book is written for parents it is a great fun resource for nannies and au pairs. It is small in size (fits easily into a nanny’s carpet bag), and easy to follow.

Use the “Table of Contents” as an index to find an issue you need to address with your charges. Most likely there will be an activity in the book to use to help teach your charges to develop self-esteem, self-motivation, respect, cooperation, manners, patience, tolerance, humor, forgiveness, and so much more.
Each page is dedicated to one activity to do with your charges to help develop bright, caring, honest, respectful, and creative children.
This past week we included excerpts from the book so nannies can help teach children an attitude of gratefulness and helpfulness. Click here to see some of the ideas included in the book on our blog.

We will certainly continue to refer to the book in the future. See if you can pick up a copy of this book or some of the other great titles by Sheila Ellison such as newer editions of this book or other titles such as, 365 Ways to Raise Confident Kids, 365 Smart After-School Activities, 365 Games Smart Babies Play, 365 Days of Creative Play, and many more.

They are all great, easy-to-use, resources for in-home childcare providers.

Do you have a great book to share with nannies and au pairs? Simply email Stephanie@bestnannynewsletter.com with your book ideas. Stop by again next Saturday for another book review.


  1. Another great resource. Where do you find these great books week after week?Laura G., Naperville IL

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