Father’s Day Gifts to Make With Children

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21, 2009. Nannies and au pairs should not be expected to spend a fortune on gifts for their Dad Bosses (as we often call our employers). But, if you are an in-home childcare provider it is common to help the children make a card and gift for their father for Father’s Day.

Some popular ideas include:

A personalized mug: Buy a kit at the craft store and have the children paint or color the mug for their father.

Picture frame: Either buy an inexpensive frame for the children to decorate or they can make their own gluing together Popsicle sticks or craft sticks. Place a photo of the child(ren) in the frame as a keepsake.

A book written for fathers: The book can be a children’s book about a father’s love for his children that your Dad Boss can read to his children or a book written for father’s in family section of a book store.
A personalized t-shirt, cap, or tie: Using fabric paints children can personalize clothing for their father.

Hand print stepping stone: Kits for hand print stepping stones are available at craft stores.

Tennis balls or golf balls: What sport does the father play? Purchase equipment for the sport.

Sports team t-shirts or caps: Find the father’s favorite sports team clothing at a local sports store.

What are you doing for your Dad Boss for Father’s Day?


  1. We already made the coupon book card you suggested for Mother's Day just we made it for Father's Day. I merely spent a few dollars on a card for the father.Most years I have made a dessert. The father I care for now loves lemon desserts so last year we made a lemon tart. Any dessert is all you need to do and I used the family's ingredients so it didn't cost me money.In the past I helped a child make a pencil holder for their father out of tin can we wrapped in construction paper and let them decorate it with markers. But we could have painted it.One year I went to Doin' Dishes to allow the children paint their father a ceramic dish and one child made a piggy bank for their dad. Problem was it was so expensive. So I am back to giving home made gifts.He isn't my father so I don't worry too much. But I really nannies ought to give at the very least give the father a card.

  2. I usually give the parents a gift certificate for free babysitting and movie tickets and I babysit for free one evening so they can go to the movies. But, they feel guilty and never cash in the gift.Other great gifts I have made are homemade books with the child's drawings and a storybook they have written about their fathers.Stacy, Providence RI

  3. I have given apron for barbeque grill.Nanny Jillian, Los Angeles

  4. Great ideas for choosing personalized father's day gifts… Thanks for sharing!!

  5. At my current job it is only a part time temp nanny job so I do not give the parents anything. I am nice and asked what they are doing for Father's day but didn't give the father anything. This is the only nanny job I do not buy the parents gifts too — I give the kids cards and gifts when appropriate. Mainly because it is a part time, temp job and I am not making much and I even explained that I am sorry not to have bought a gift but must watch my budget and the parents say they completely understand and I shouldn't be expected to buy them anything. Of course I do give kids cards and gifts because they are so little and I like to give them small gifts.

  6. Darn, I wish I had read this sooner!!! I just bought a $0.99 cent card. Good ideas for next year!Sorry Dad Boss!Sara B., Baltimore

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