Making Mother’s Day Cards with Children

Make a Coupon Card

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Nannies and au pairs should help the children make cards for their mother.

Making a card with valuable coupons for the mother to redeem from the children is a fun card to help children to make for their mother.

Some coupon ideas include:

  • It’s Your Evening — This coupon entitles you to a relaxing evening doing whatever you want.
  • An Uninterrupted Afternoon Nap — Present this coupon and we will be quiet and let you rest.
  • Help Wash the Dishes — Present this coupon and I will help you wash the dishes
  • You Pick the Video — We will watch the move you want to rent.
  • You Pick the Task — Present this coupon and I will do any household task without complaint.
  • First Time is the Charm — Next time you have something important to say, present this coupon and you won’t have to say it twice.
  • Hugs and Kisses — Present this coupon and I will give you as many hugs and kisses as you desire.

What are you doing for your employer for Mother’s Day?


  1. I have simply printed out certificates to give to the mother. To the world’s best mom or the ideas listed above. You can also frame a poem about a mother’s love. Then I just give the mom a card.Yvonne in PA

  2. I am a mother that has hired the best nanny and she just happens to be a mother too. Just want to remind parents that nannies are often mothers too. I got the nanny that works for us a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure and I had the children make her Happy Mother’s Day cards. Sophia, Mom of 3, Staten Island

  3. I needed new ideas because I give a certificate for free night of babysitting, but the parents never do take me up on the gift. Franny in Kansas City

  4. Each year I go to the craft store and pick up a project for kids to make for their mother. When they were little we did handprints in plaster of paris, one year they colored an apron, another we colored plates, and this year a bird house. I bought a 99 cent card and the gift is the time and effort I put into helping the boys make their mother the gift. She wouldn’t mind if I didn’t do anything. Fo I don’t think parttime nannies should even do anything since your mom boss isn’t even you mom. But I live in and am full-time caregiver so it would be really quite mean not to at least help the kids make a little gift and/or cards.Mary, Live in, fulltime, professional nanny Denver, CO

  5. We made a cake and home made cards today and the mother enjoyed the gifts!Maryanne, Sitter in Oakland

  6. Most nannie I know do not buy gifts for the parents. It depends on the job. The parents and I are not close. We don’t buy gifts for one another except at Christmas/Hannukah. I do not make enough money to be buying gifts for the parents. So I just have the children paint terra cotta pots the family already owns and we present them to the mother for mother’s day. She can put in the plants.

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