Nanny Service Offers "Swine Flu" Discount


By Amy Allen
Staff reporter
May 2, 2009

A western Washington nanny service is reaching out to help families who need childcare because of school closures. Annie’s Nannies is waving their $250 membership fee for anyone who needs help to find temporary childcare because of closures related to swine flu concerns. Families left without childcare because of swine flu will also be able to get membership discounts on daily babysitting rates.

In his Saturday radio address, President Obama said the CDC is recommending that schools that have confirmed swine flu cases close for up to 14 days. That could mean extended closures for several Puget Sound area schools, if test results confirm swine flu outbreaks.

Annie Davis, the founder and owner of Annie’s Nannies said “with everything going on, it just seemed like the right thing to do now.” Davis says their nanny service cannot care for children that are ill.

To take advantage of the discounted membership rate for the nanny service you can call (206) 784-8462. Their service covers people all over the Puget Sound region.

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  1. What’s the “Swine Flu Discount” for if: “Davis says their nanny service cannot care for children that are ill.”What’s the point of the swine flu discount? If nannies “cannot care for children that are ill” no point in advertising temporary services for swine flu.Anyway, what nanny in their right mind would work for kids with the swine flu? It’s employers of parents that are going to have to be patient and the parents are going to have to take care of their own sick kids for two weeks.My question is: can nannies get paid time off if one of their charges gets swine flu??Maira, Hoboken NJ

  2. Maira from Hoboken,What the article says is when an entire school is closed the nanny service will offer discounted temporary care for the healthy children that cannot go to school. The nannies cannot care for the sick children. But, we can care for all the healthy kids that also cannot attend school because the school is closed.

  3. Good suggestion for entrepaneaurs!

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