Essential Oil Remedies: Helpful or Hype?

Product Review Sunday: Products Nannies Love Essential oils are used to improve moods of babies and children. They can be applied topically through the skin in lotions, through inhalation, or be used in a bath. While using aromatherapy and essential oils is generally safe to use small amounts in diffusers, candles, and lotions, there is […]

Walking Harness: Helpful or Hype?

Product Review Sunday I’m not sure what to think about using a Harness Baby Walker to help a toddler to learn to walk. The concept is the baby will fall less and feel successful as they get to walk with assistance of an adult. Certainly for a caregiver with back pain or physical limitations it would […]

NoseFrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

Helpful or Hype? When I first saw the NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator I thought “yuck!” And who wouldn’t? At first look is seems like you will be accidentally suck the baby’s buggers. But, the NoseFrida has disposable filters that prevent any bacterial transfer. The tube is placed against the baby’s nostril, not inside. Caregivers use their own […]

White Noise: Helpful or Hype?

Product Review Sunday While sleep routines including rocking, singing, cuddling, and warm baths help babies fall asleep, white noise machines and sound machines have been proven to be highly effective tools for babies that have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Newborns love white noise because the womb is very loud. The womb is just […]