Have You Heard About the US Nanny Association?

img_1244New Professional Nanny Organization

There is exciting news in the nanny industry. A new professional nanny organization has been created. I had the opportunity to ask the Board of the US Nanny Association some questions to learn more about their mission, membership, and goals. The members of the Board of Directors are listed at the end of the interview.

Click here to check out their web site to learn more about volunteer opportunities and their nanny credential exams that will be available online next month.

Question: What is your mission?

Board Answer: The mission of the US Nanny Association is to advance nanny skills and elevate the profession of childcare with nationally recognized standards, credentials, resources, professional development, events, and networking opportunities.

Question: Do you plan on having meetings, retreats, conferences, or workshops?

Board Answer: The US Nanny Association is member-led with the Board of Directors working with leaders in the childcare community to host national and local events. Every $25 membership fee is allocated to the team of Directors to serve our nanny community.

We have a small group meeting planned in Orlando and for the nanny’s attending the NAEYC Conference. We are planning additional small group socials across the United States so nannies can support each other. We have educational webinars and guest speakers on Facebook and will publish news and articles on topics requested by our members.

We want to empower our members, working with volunteers and leaders across the United States. Depending on the needs, we are open to planning meetings and retreats. As we are new, we are focusing on building our membership and gaining a better understanding of how we can serve.

Question: Who is your demographic? Are au pairs, job placement agencies, nanny industry services, or parents allowed to join?

Board Answer: The US Nanny Association welcomes all members who align with our mission. Individual members include nannies, newborn care specialists, au pairs, doulas, night nannies, certified childcare associations, certified childcare professionals, family assistants, household managers, nanny employers, parents, nanny agency owners, babysitters, and others in the childcare industry. Organization members include business and educational institutions such as employment platforms, nanny agencies, college and trade schools, nanny educators, and other childcare service providers.

Question: Why start the US Nanny Association when there is already an International Nanny Association?

Board Answer: The US Nanny Association is focused on finding and serving the 3 to 4 million nannies, childcare providers, and family employers in the United States. Many in our community are working independently to elevate the nanny profession and the US Nanny Association provides support and infrastructure to empower our local community leaders.

Every country has it’s own childcare norms, traditions, standards, and laws. Countries including the United Kingdom and Australia have organizations dedicated to their childcare industry. While the US Nanny Association welcomes everyone, including internationally located nannies and businesses, our focus is to help nannies in the United States elevate their careers and navigate employment.

img_1254Board of Directors who contributed to this article include:

Angela Johnson Sutherland, Director of Nanny Services

Elizabeth Malson, Executive Director

Kimberly C. Brown, Director of Family Services

Nancy Moretti, Director of Education

Crystal Terry, Director of Outreach and Resources

Ashkon Ashjazadeh, Director of Engagement

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