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Special Rights for Special Workers

Domestics Deserve Some Special Rights Due to the Special Nature of Their Job The rights in the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) that we have examined in our series have been rights taken for granted by other workers for many years. Today, we discuss rights that are extended to nannies by the bill […]

Have Your Workers Rights Ever Been Violated?

Whether You Love it or Hate it, You Must Develop an Opinion About it! The CA Domestic Workers Bill of RightsThe California Assembly approved the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). Whether you will ultimately support it, or hate it, my goal is to make you learn about it and develop an opinion about it. […]

History in the Making for Domestic Workers!

Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Becomes Law Today Domestic Worker’s United asks domestic workers to join them at the historic signing of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law at the new Harriet Tubman Memorial Plaza, a traffic triangle, at the intersection of Frederick Douglass Boulevard (formerly Eighth Avenue) at St. Nicholas Avenue and […]

Communicating Power and Hope to Domestic Workers

View this beautiful video about La Colectiva’s awesome “Communicating Power and Hope” campaign. This campaign embodies the essence of working woman. The importance of using non-toxic cleaning chemicals and the importance of lobbying for a Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights. Que vivan las mujeres!

For Household Workers, the Political is Very Personal.

The Nanny UprisingBy Jennifer Gonnerman Photo of Angelica Hernandez who sued her former bosses, claiming she was paid less than minimum wage. The Recession Has Been the Ultimate Recruiting Tool. Nannies Who’ve Been Sacked Without Warning are Primed to Fight Back. This week New York State moved a crucial step closer to passing a bill […]

Housekeepers and Nannies Rally for Worker Rights in San Francisco

By Matt O’BirenContra Costa Times SAN FRANCISCO — It was an encounter with a Berkeley homeowner five years ago that made Sylvia Lopez realize how vulnerable she was to the whims of her employers. “He said I wasn’t cleaning quickly enough, so he grabbed me by the arm and forced me out of the house,” […]

Daily News Article About Labor Rights

Domestic workers push labor rights billDaily NewsBy Patrice O’Shaughnessy Members of the Domestic Workers Justice Coalition, a group that works to organize several domestic worker unions, held a rally Saturday, March 4th, 2009. Tuesday, Ana Ontiveros will not make her usual daily trip from the Bronx to her job as a housekeeper in Manhattan. Instead, […]

Daily News Giving Rights to Caregivers Without a Voice

Giving Rights to Caregivers Without a VoiceBy Albor Ruiz Sunday, April 5th 2009, 4:00 AM “I am not speaking only for myself, but for 200,000 people,” said Patricia Francois, a nanny who is suing her former employer for allegedly assaulting her. Two hundred thousand is the number of domestic workers in the New York City […]

Eleven Nanny and Domestic Worker Rights

Nanny and Domestic Worker Rights In a report prepared for the U.N. Human Rights Committee entitled, “Domestic Workers’ Rights in the United States,” violations against domestic workers are noted. The report states, “Employed in private homes to perform household tasks that historically have been assigned a diminished value, domestic workers frequently face exploitation and abuse, […]

Can Nannies that Break the Law Expect to Be Protected by Labor Laws?

Nannies That Don’t Pay Taxes Won’t Likely Benefit From Domestic Workers Bill of Rights In 2010 New York passed the first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and since then more states have Domestic Workers Bills pending. There have been very passionate debates on social media about the proposed legislation and I have written dozens of […]