Charged with Child Abuse After Appearing on "Dr. Phil" Show

“Hot Saucing is the new wash out your mouth with sauce.”This story that appeared on Good Morning America this morning is so disturbing I must interrupt the start of our eczema treatment series to discuss it.Video from the “Dr. Phil” television show of an Alaska mother forcing her son to drink hot sauce and take […]

Dealing With Kids Who Prefer Caretaker to Parents

ABC News Good Morning AmericaMommy vs. Nanny: Battle for Kids’ Affectionby JUJU CHANG and MABLE CHANMarch 14, 2009— Overnight, Stacey Isaacs, 36, is a hands-on mother. But at 8 in the morning, Stacey switches off mommy mode, revs up for her job as a corporate lawyer and hands over her 3-month-old baby, Reese, to […]