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Absolute Green Kids Natural Bug Repellent: Product Review Sunday

Don’t Use DEET on Kids You should take precautions using insect repellents containing DEET on children. Most doctors advise not to use products with DEET on children because it gets absorbed through the skin and eventually goes into the bloodstream. It runs through the nervous system and has been proven to cause neurological damage. It […]

Product Review Sunday: Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

What’s Your Favorite Stroller? I have worked as a nanny for 19-years and my favorite stroller I have used is the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller . I love that the City Select offers the unique opportunity to customize the stroller into 16 different combinations. I also love the accessories that can be purchased with […]

Teeth Tissues: Product Review Sunday

Products Nannies Love Baby teeth serve several important functions that aid in a child’s development. They help in the development of speech and they hold space for the future adult teeth. Finally, a smile can help to build a child’s self confidence and social skills. Dental cavities are the most common childhood disease and are […]

Product Review Sunday

Farm Animal Glove Puppets This Christmas I am giving the one-year old I care for these adorable puppets. They are made of the softest material, in cute colors, with happy expressions. There are no eyes made out of beads that can pop-off and become a choking hazard. You need to supervise when a child under […]

Product Review Sunday

Beaba Babycook Baby Food MakerToday we start a new feature on the Be the Best Nanny blog. Each Sunday we will highlight some of our favorite products for nannies and au pairs to use at work. Our first product is the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker. For those working with infants this is the easiest […]

Juice in the Box – Products Nannies Love

Product Review Sunday It’s almost the end of summer and nannies and au pairs will be packing lunch boxes by September. Most kids love juice boxes, but they are wasteful for the environment and often filled with unhealthy drinks. Instead, we recommend trying Juice in the Box a reusable juice box to encourage healthier kids and a […]

Products Nannies Love: Parking Pal

Product Review Sunday: Parking Pal Car Magnet It’s often hard to control kids in parking lots when unloading packages, rifling for keys, and tending to a baby takes precious attention away from children, leaving them vulnerable to a number of dangerous situations. That’s why a mother of two created Parking Pal. Parking Pal is a great […]

Products Nannies Love: White Noise Machines

Product Review Sunday While sleep routines including rocking, singing, cuddling, and warm baths help babies fall asleep, white noise machines and sound machines have been proven to be highly effective tools for babies that have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Newborns love white noise because the womb is very loud. The womb is just slightly less loud […]

Products Nannies Love: Blooming Bath

Product Review Sunday It’s difficult to bath an infant in a typical bathtub so most nannies and parents bath infants in a sink. When bathing a baby in a sink, Blooming Bathcreates an adorable, safe, fun, and convenient bath time experience for babies. The Blooming Bath’s plush materials cradle and cushion babies like no other baby […]

Products Nannies Love: Boo Bunnies

Product Review Sunday For 25-years, when a kiss and hug just isn’t quite enough to calm a child with a boo boo, Boo Bunnie Ice Packs save the day! A sweet plush bunny soothes the little one’s heart while the ice pack goes to work on the boo boo. Great for teething and for general […]