Nested Bean Weighted Swaddles

There is emerging science on weighted blankets that has shown a beneficial, calming effect on users of all ages.

Nested Bean says their weighted swaddled promotes The Cuddle Effect. The Nested Bean says it’s not just the swaddling, the rocking, the lullabies that soothe babies to sleep. It’s touch. And it’s vital to a baby’s well-being.

Your touch can reduce anxiety. improve sleep, relieve pain, promote bonding, improve responsiveness, boost immunities, lower blood pressure, stabilize heart rate, and trigger growth hormones.

Zen One

The Nested Bean says that using Deep Touch Pressure babies experience the Cuddle Effect when they feel gentle pressure in the places you naturally hold them.

Only Nested Bean sleepwear is designed to mimic your touch and extend the Cuddle Effect™.

Their lightly weighted sleep sacks helps to calm baby’s squirms with the feeling of a gentle touch. 

The Classic line is perfect for year-round use. The fabric is 100% cotton.

Zen Soothing Wrap

The Premier line is more lightweight and breathable than the Classic line, making it perfect for warmer climates or babies who overheat easily! The fabric is a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton.

The Winter line is the warmest option, perfect for cooler climates or A/C in the summer. The fabric has two layers of 100% cotton with a heavy poly-fiber filling in between.

The Zen One Gently Weighted Swaddle This Convertible Swaddle is best for babies newborn to six-months.

Zen Swaddle Soothing Wrap prevents the startle reflex for newborns to three months of age.

Footie PJ’s

The Zen Sack Wearable Blanket and Zen Footie PJs are perfectly safe for babies three months and up who roll during sleep. The weight is light and flexible, so it will nearly flatten underneath your baby’s body. For tummy sleepers — who can roll completely independently — the Zen Sack can be worn backwards. Zen PJs come with Footies or Zen Bodysuit for babies who prefer their legs to be free.

PJ’s Bodysuit

You can purchase the Nested Bean Weighted Swaddles and PJ’s by clicking the links in this review. Don’t forget to buy all my nanny essentials on my storefront at

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