Child Harnesses: Helpful or Hype?

Are Child Harnesses Cute or Cruel?

Do you care for a child that runs away or doesn’t follows your directions when in public? Are you afraid a child with special needs will get lost or hurt because the child continuously runs away from your reach?

I have seen parents and caregivers use harnesses with children in public to keep children safe. When used properly the harnesses can be cute. When the harness is loose and both child and adult seem happy, it can be a brilliant way to ensure a caregiver and child do not separate in a busy public setting.

Child harnesses can be useful when caring for a child with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, or other sensory disorders that may keep them from lacking judgment in outdoor environments.

Harnesses are also helpful for caregivers responsible for a number of young children making it impossible to hold the child’s hands or use a stroller for that child.

But there are plenty of criticisms about using child harnesses. Using a child harness doesn’t allow the child to learn self-control. Using a harness implies the adult doesn’t trust the child to listen and learn to follow directions and behave properly in public. Child harnesses also limit the child’s natural curiosity to explore. Child harnesses should not be used as punishment or to pull the child on a leash.

If used properly I think child harnesses can help ensure the caregiver and child are not separated. Part of the benefit of using a child harness may be that it allows the caregiver to keep their hands free while still keeping the child safe. But critics prefer caregivers give children the benefit of the doubt that they can follow instructions when out and about.

Do you think child harnesses helpful or hype?

Here are 5 of our favorite child harnesses. You can purchase them by clicking the links below:

EPLAZA Baby Toddler Walking Safety Butterfly

Goldbug – Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness – Monkey

Mini Child Safety Harness Backpack

HappyVk Safety Harness for Kids Dinosaur

Blisstime 2 in 1 Toddler Leash Anti Loss Wrist Link for Toddlers

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