Columbus Day Ship

img_7857Creative Wednesdays

Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October in America. Although there is controversy whether Columbus should actually be celebrated (we will discuss this with a great children’s book on Saturday) Columbus Day is a federal holiday.

In preparation for the holiday here is a simple craft to do with young nanny kids to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

You Will Need:

Blue, brown and white paper
Black and red markers
Safety Scissors
Glue stick

What to Do:

1. Trace the child’s hand on a brown piece of paper. Have the child cut out the hand with safety scissors if they are old enough to complete the task.

2. Cut out little squares or rectangles is white paper. Draw red lines on these to be masts.

3. Glue the hand to the blue paper (ocean) with the fingers facing up to represent the poles that will hold the sails.

4. Glue the flags to the fingers to represent sails or masts.

5. Use the black marker to decorate the boat with windows.

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