Kepi Kozy – Supportive Swaddle Blanket

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Kepi Kozy founder Seven Papemo held his oldest child Cole in his arms for the very first time he realized the baby was relying on him to support him safely. Remembering how the pediatrician stressed the critical importance of head and neck support for newborns, Steve place his son’s head in the palm of his hand and laid the baby’s body above his forearm — like an invisible board.

At that moment the Kepi Kozy was born Seven realized that a supportive “spoon-like”board wrappe din soft, colorful swaddling would provide newborns the support, safety, and support they need.Keep Kozy Kit Best Nanny Newsletter

The Kepi Board protects and supports the newborn’s head, neck, and spine. It promotes a well-rounded head, reducing the rick of Plagiocephaly (flat-heat syndrome). The makers of the Kepi Kozy say it allows for healthy hip development by reducing the risk of hip dysplasia. The Kepi dock helps prevent the newborn from rolling over or tipping and the incline promotes healthy digestion and sound sleep.

Watch this video to see how it works:

You Can Purchase Your Own Kepi Kozy by clicking the links above or below:

Kozy Kit by Kepi – Swaddle Blanket – Baby Lounger – 0-3 months (Pink Houndstooth Kozy + Happy Pink Dock)

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