Pocket Nanny App

Product Review Sunday

When Dave Coffin, a software engineer, and his wife Jen had their first child they started thinking about all the products and services that would make their lives easier.

They tried an endless amount of apps to help with anything and everything from breast feeding, poops, behavior, rashes and the list goes on and on.

When they put their daughter into daycare, they hated the fact that they had no idea what she was doing all day. They started Cubby Notes, which is a service that daycares can use to keep parents in the loop that won some awards.

When they had a son, they decided to pull their daughter out of daycare and hire a nanny. The same communication problems that existed in daycares were plaguing them with their nanny. They wanted more interaction with their nanny and more details about their kids’ days.

So they launched a new mobile app called Pocket Nanny to provide a single place for all related information and communication with their nanny. It is now available for parents and nannies to use on their Apple products.

Nannies and parents can stop keeping track of hours in a spreadsheet, notepad, or worse, their memory because Pocket Nanny tracks the caregiver’s hours, payment details, and even overtime.

Parents get a comprehensive view of what their kids are up to in a daily feed. All the data that was tracked, messages that were exchanged, and photos that were shared are in your daily news feed.

Instead of sharing photos in texts, emails, or social media, nannies can share photos with both parents using Pocket Nanny. Then parents and nannies can comment on the photos and have organized, searchable memories.

Pocket Nanny also provides easy messaging between parents and nannies or any other caretaker. The app allows easy communication while keeping both parents in the loop.

The app allows nannies to track data like bottles, naps, meals, medicine, and more all in real time.

The app is currently only available on Apple products with the intention for an Android-friendly app in the future.

Accounts are free for nannies, and just $9.99 per month for parents. Only one parent needs to pay, then an unlimited number of parents and guardians can be added.

Check out The Pocket Nanny App and let us know how you like it.

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